Outdoor Checkerboard

Combine square pavement blocks with fresh sod for a giant-size game of backyard checkers.

-Creating a game board landscape is really just a simple weekend project. The first thing you wanna do is go to your local home store and purchase these concrete outdoor pavers. Now this one is actually about 2 inches thick which means that it's kinda heavy, so keep that in mind. The next thing you're gonna do is run a sod cutter from a hardware store and clear the area of the existing grass where you're gonna create your design. Next, lay out your concrete pavers in a pattern that you wish to create. Now, in between each these pavers, we're gonna lay sod. This sod, I had cut extra thick to help build the space. The cool thing about sod is you can cut it with just a kitchen knife. Also, to raise the sod up to be even with these pavers, I filled this in with dirt a little bit. You really want the sod to be even with the surface of the pavers so that you can mow right over it and it will be super low maintenance. Once your sod is laid, you wanna water it like crazy at least for a couple of weeks. Soon, you'll have your game board all made and you can invite all your friends over and play checkers. I'm Jenny Wright with Better TV.