Pillows from T-Shirts

Create Pillows from T-Shirts

Use your favorite old T-shirts to create these DIY pillows. You'll love this easysewing project—it's fun, fast, and fabulous!

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They're soft, they make a statement and they're easy to work with. I'm talking about old T-shirts. Now we've already shown you how to create some pretty cool neck wraps but these can also be turned in to some sweet, stylish throw pillows. Cut down your T-shirts to the size of your pillow form, the material of the tad stretchy and you wanna snug-fit. Remember you can also just recover old pillows or reuse the filling. Stitch your panel's wrong sides together. Looks better to have your seams expose and since T-shirt material doesn't fray, it's all good. Stuff and then instead of hand stitching; head back to your machine, push your setting back end of ways, pin the hold and then you can run it to the machine with ease. You can also connect different tees, to create different looks and a nice finishing touch is using novelty campaign pins as your buttons. They look great in entertainment, sports, kids or dorm rooms; toss them about proudly.