Tile Hot Picks

Add a decorative touch with these amazing tiles from the 2008 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

-Color, texture, and all over pattern: that's what tile can bring to your kitchen and bath. Hello, I'm Linda Eggerss, Editor of Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine, and I'm here at The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show. And I wanna show you what those three elements can bring into your home. -Alyse Edwards Tile and Stone has a variety of beautiful glass tiles, including 1-inch mosaic tile designs, solid color 2-inch tiles, and a distinctive line of long, slim, colored-glass tiles. Any of these products would work well in a backsplash or bath application. The Gallery Handcrafted Tiles from Ann Sacks are made from clay pressed into molds by hand. They are sanded, glazed, and then fired in a kiln. There are a wide variety of colors and styles available. -This is Dell Tiles' latest products. It's a stacked stone, which is a slate that can be used exterior. You have a natural look of slate with a lot of natural colors. It's mounted on a 7 X 16 sheet, which makes for easy installation on an exterior wall or even an interior backsplash. -These painted tiles from JEM Expressions create intriguing murals that set that tone for an entire room. JEM Expressions can also create custom tiles or tile murals from a photo. Silestone Mural is an innovate collection of quartz tiles that comes in a variety of colors. They are sold individually for accenting or as a single 9-tile unit that is held together with mesh backing. The grid-based system makes them easy to install. -I'd like to tell you about a new product that we're debuting here at KBIS this year. It's called Sonja Mosaic Collection. It actually comes from Tunisia. They're actually hand-made in [unk] mosaics, and [unk] means that every little piece is actually cut by hand. These mosaics harken back to sort ancient Roman motifs and, but they've been updated and stylized for today's contemporary settings. -Stone Impressions creates beautiful murals, accents, and listellos using natural minerals and recycled materials, such as glass, plastic, and scrap building waste. Like all of their stone tiles, these recycled products are hand-printed by highly-skilled artisans. -You can use tile on a backsplash, or you can wrap and entire room in it. Wherever you use it, you'll sure to love it because it's a beautiful surface. And those are my hot picks for tile.