Bathroom Flooring

Learn more about all the options you have when choosing flooring for your bath.

Flooring is an important choice in every room of the house, but in the bathroom not all floors are right. I'm Lacey Howard and today I'll help you choose a floor that works for your home. Durable and water resistant, tiles look classic floor for bath. For flooring you'll want to shop for tiles with a class 3 rating for abrasion resistance. Also check for slip resistance or coefficient of friction. High COF numbers offer more safety on wet floors. Stone is beautiful but it can be pricy. That's why it's perfect for small spaces and decorative details. Use large scale stone tiles as big as 18 inches laid with minimal grout lines the color of the stone to give the look of a slab application. All types of stone make beautiful floors, but for the bath, granite, slate, soapstone, and marble are the most water resistant. However 2 types of marble, green and black, are not recommended. A flame finish offers a rough texture ideal for slip resistance. Laminate products mimic other flooring materials offering the look of hardwood, stone, brick, or tile at an affordable price along with exceptional durability. They also offer do-it-yourself snap together installation. With a plastic underlayment or vapor barrier to protect against moisture, these floors give you any look you desire in the bath and are easy to replace when you're ready for something new. Resilient flooring also offers a variety of looks and extreme durability while being easy on the budget. Vinyl is impervious to water, resist stains, and is easily disinfected. But be sure to protect tile and sheet vinyl seams from water. Cork is cushy, comfortable, and germ resistant. It's a great choice for baths. Glass tiles edged with slip resistance make a beautiful choice for baths as well. Linoleum, the precursor of vinyl floors, is a fun retro option that's making a resurgence. No matter your choice, remember that moisture is the enemy. Take precautions to be sure your floor maintains its long-lasting beauty.