Resilient Flooring

Learn more about all the options you have when choosing resilient for your home.

Resilient or vinyl flooring is known for its flexibility, easy care, and affordability. You probably remember it from the halls of your high school. But today's designs go far beyond the cafeteria. I'm Lacey Howard. Let's take a look. Resilient flooring as its name implies has some give when you walk across it. Commonly known as vinyl, it comes in tile or row form. It's easy to clean, resists wear, and because it's resistant to water it's a great option for kitchens and bath. New technology has updated the resilient category with stylish options alongside high performance and tremendous value. When shopping, you should know about all the types of resilient flooring out there. Vinyl composition tiles are what you remember from your school cafeteria. These are made from a combination of vinyl resins and filler material. Both solid and inlaid vinyl contain vinyl chips or granules that form a durable pattern. These types don't show where because the color and pattern continue through the tile to the backing. Roto vinyl layers a photograph beneath a clear vinyl wear layer. All resilient flooring has a protective wear layer. It's just 10 to 25 millimeters thick. The thickness of the wear layer determines the cost and the lasting potential and performance factors of the floor. Some have aluminum oxide added in for extra scratch resistance. When it comes to wear layers, you get what you pay for. Remember however that thick flooring is not always better flooring. You want a dense inner core and a thick wear layer. A urethane layer will help stain resistance while a low gloss one will show less wear with daily traffic. In many cases, the decision between sheet vinyl and tile is seams. Sheet vinyl comes in 6 and 12 foot widths for minimal seams but call for professional installation. Many resilient tiles go down with double stick tape or no adhesive at all, definitely a do-it-yourself project. I hope this overview of resilient flooring has helped you narrow down what choices might work best in your home.