Wall Ovens

Discover your options and what to consider when shopping for a wall oven.

-Are you a serious cook? Passionate about baking? Do you enjoy entertaining large gathering of family and friends? If so, you may want to consider the roast utility of a wall oven. I'm Lacey Howard. There are lots of great reasons to include a wall over in your kitchen. If you have a cooktop rather than a range, you'll need a wall oven for baking and roasting. If you want flexibility in appliance placement, if you prefer an integrated built in look, let's check out your options. Like every other cooking appliance in a kitchen, your first choice is between gas and electric. Passionate bakers often prefer the more precise temperature control of an electric oven. But for versatility, dual heat wall ovens are available or you can build in 2---- One gas and 1 electric. There is certainly more than 1 way to cook a chicken nowadays. Thermal ovens are the most conventional method. One heating element on the top of the oven is for broiling. One below is for roasting and baking. In a convection oven, a fan circulates heated air cutting cooking times up to 25%. Steam cooking minimizes the need for fats and oils and produces incredibly moist meats. For high-speed cooking, choose wall ovens that combine traditional heat with microwave or infrared technology. These babies cut cooking time in half or even more. One wall oven may be sufficient, but if you want to use different heat sources or cook at different temperatures, plan to include 2. A pair of wall ovens can stack 1 on top of the other or they can be placed side by side. Always measure your available space carefully including width, height and depth. Wall ovens don't have side panels so they should be surrounded by cabinets and walls. And, just because it's called a wall oven, doesn't mean it has to go into a wall. You can include a wall oven and a work island or a peninsula. Get more from your wall oven with special features. Self-cleaning ovens have textured walls to absorb and burn away spatter. Temperature probes check the internal temperature of a roast or large bird and shut off the heat when it reaches the desired temperature. Digital displays allow you to set precise temperatures and exact cook times. Whatever wall oven you choose, make sure it has a large, clear window, and a strong interior light. That way, you can check on a cake or a roast without opening the oven door.