Before you buy a new faucet, learn about the many options available.

A great faucet is integral to your kitchen's style and function. It's one of the most used items. Hi! I'm Lacey Howard and I'm here to help you sort through the faucet features and find the right tap for your kitchen. When choosing a new faucet, assess your cleanup area and your existing sink. Then evaluate where you might use a second sink and faucet. Your faucet may connect to plumbing below the sink or mount directly to a wall. Pay attention to the number of holes in your sink's back panel, the spacing between the holes, the available space for additional fixtures such as a sprayer or drinking water dispenser. If you have good DIY skills, you can probably replace a countertop faucet. It matches up with your existing plumbing. However changing the configuration, adding holes, running extra waterlines, or mounting a fixture to the wall are all jobs best left to a professional plumber. Although you'll probably get excited about finishes and handles, pay attention to the inside workings. The flow of water is controlled by cartridges inside the faucet. Less expensive cartridges are made of resin. Higher quality are made of ceramic. Spend some time test driving various faucets and see how you prefer to regulate the flow and temperature of water. Common options include single handle or level, or double handle or level. Also pay attention to how the water will flow from the faucet. Gooseneck and arching spouts take water high above the basin. A pullout sprayer doubles the function of your spout. Qualify faucets begin with solid brass fittings. However this doesn't mean you have to choose a brass colored fixture. Look for finishes such as chrome and colored epoxy that are durable. Matte and brushed metals are gaining popularity and come in various use. Designer finishes come in every color of the rainbow or mimic the look of metals like brushed bronze or iron. Faucet options are about more than getting water from one place to another. Options include instant hot water tabs for tea and cooking. Wall mounted hot filler faucets over a range or cooktop. They mean you don't have to love a water filled pot from sink to range. If you had children at home, choose the faucet with anti-scald controls. It keeps water at a set temperature usually about 110 degrees. Safe and stylish, what could be better?