Cabinet Hardware

The right cabinet knobs and pulls give your kitchen a finished look.

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Nothing sets the tone of your kitchen quite like the cabinets and when it comes to style, nothing is more important than the cabinet doors. Hi! I'm Lacey Howard. Don't be overwhelmed by all the options available. I'm going to show you exactly what you need to know to choose the right style for your kitchen. Pay attention to how the cabinet doors are mounted. On partial overlay doors, the door and drawer fronts rest on the surface of the cabinet's face frame. About of an inch of the frame still shows. Partial overlay is also known as traditional overlay. That's because it's often used in traditional kitchen. Full overlay doors involve the same construction principle as partial overlays but only an 8th inch or so of the frame shows through. Full overlay produces the cleanest look. It's great for streamline contemporary style kitchens. Full inset doors and drawers are the hallmark of custom-built cabinetry. Here, the door and drawer front sit flush with the face frame for a classic look. In addition to mounting, you should pay attention to door construction. For example, a slab door is just a solid piece of wood. When unadorned, a slab door yields a contemporary look. When carved and routed, slab doors can be traditional or rusted. Recess panel doors can be a less costly construction method but the technique is also common and top quality craftsman and shaker style cabinets. The recessed panel can be a solid piece of wood or a decorative insert such as [unk]. Glass front cabinets are just a frame around a piece of glass. The glass can be clear, colored, frosted, or textured. This type of door looks particularly good when lit from inside displaying pretty dishes and glassware. Door style can integrate with dozens of other kitchen details consider including furniture-like feat, corbels, fluted columns, crown molding, onlays, and turned legs. Replacing the doors and drawers in the kitchen can provide an economical facelift. If the cabinet boxes are in good shape and you like the general layout, you can have new door and door fronts made and installed. This could save you a lot of money on the kitchen makeover.