Kitchen Planning

Don't know where to begin? These thought starters will you started thinking about your dream kitchen.

If you're planning a new kitchen space, you should ask yourself some soul-searching questions, but it all comes down to one essential question: how will you use the space? I'm Lacey Howard. Unsure how to answer? Don't worry. Here are some things to think about. Sure all kitchens are for cooking but how do you use your kitchen. For example, what do you cook? Maybe you like to prepare 6 coarse meals or just simple soups or casseroles. Do you cook alone? And if you cook with others, how do you share the space? Your answer to these questions and others determines how much counter space and cabinetry you need as well as the type, size, and features of various appliances. Next, consider the work triangle. It's formed by the refrigerator, range, and sink. In recent years the work triangle concept has evolved to the idea of work zones. Each zone serves a specific group of tasks. Common work zones include food preparation, food storage, cooking, and cleanup. Additionally specialty zones can be devoted to enjoying wine and other beverages, brewing coffee, baking, communicating, and doing homework. The size and placement of each work zone depends on how important that function is to you. Remember zones can overlap but you must pay attention to traffic paths and the number of people likely to be using various zones at one time. Dining and entertaining are popular activities in today's kitchen. Areas such as a bar for snacking or serving food, a relaxing area where guests can help themselves to beverages and kick back, an inviting dining area, and a convenient spot to watch TV or work on a computer. Thanks to innovations in cabinets and creative designers. You can now store more than ever before in a kitchen. Work with a kitchen designer to include special cabinets and drawers in your kitchen to organize small appliances, hand goods, utensils, dishes, pots, pans, and bakeware. As you plan your kitchen, keep in mind how you'll use the space now and in the future and remember the special needs of every member of your family. With thoughtful planning, you're well on your way to a great kitchen.