Semi-Custom Cabinets

Balance design options and price with semi-custom cabinets.

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Choosing kitchen cabinets is all about balancing your budget with your need for creative touches. Semicustom cabinets cost a little more than stock models but they're made with better materials and they offer you more design flexibility. I'm Lacey Howard. Let's take a look at what you can get for your money. You'll find semicustom cabinets in home centers, design centers and show room. Pricing is often per linear foot and doesn't include any accessories or upgrades. You must work with a store employee or designer to choose and order semicustom cabinets. After you order them, you'll wait 4 to 6 weeks for semicustom cabinets to be built out of factory and then shipped to you. With semicustom cabinets, here is what to look for. Doors and drawer front should be solid wood and look for doweled or dove tailed joints. These construction details are what makes semicustom cabinets a bit more expensive. The options in semicustom cabinetry are numerous and growing everyday. With semicustom cabinets, you can choose the type of wood use, oak, hickory, cherry, poplar, maple, and pine are all popular options. You can choose the finish and hardware. Door construction and details and storage accessories such as sliding shelves and wire racks. Semicustom cabinets are available in a wide range of sizes usually changing in 1 to 2 inch increments. Various depths are available but expect to pay more for anything that deviates from 12-inch deep upper cabinets and 24-inch deep base cabinets. The most popular door construction for semicustom cabinets is known as full overlay which covers the entire cabinet front for a cleaner look. Most semicustom cabinet lines offer dozens of specialty options. Look for pantry units over the refrigerator units and corner units. If you're a skilled carpenter, you might consider installing semicustom cabinets yourself, but any type of cabinetry benefits from professional installation. You'll be thrilled with all the options available in semicustom cabinetry, but remember all those little add-ons such as Lazy Susans and drawer inserts can add up quickly but they also add a lot to your kitchen.