Discover your options for illuminating your kitchen.

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-Sure you can cook a meal under a single ceiling fixture but the work is so much easier when you put the light where you need it. I'm Lacey Howard. Cooking, dining and cleaning up all require ample light. Let me show you some illuminating possibilities for your kitchen. Think of light as a series of 3 layers. You need to combine ambient, task and accent lighting to create a beautiful, functional cooking space. Ambient lighting is general overall lighting. It's applied by ceiling-mounted fixtures and chandeliers. In the kitchen, task lighting is essential because you do a lot of---- Well, tasks. Task lighting focuses on specific work areas. It works in conjunction with ambient lighting to reduce shadows and prevent eye strain. Plan to include a fixture to brighten each work station or zone in your kitchen such as your clean up area or cooking zone. The options for task lighting are numerous and expanding. Popular task lights include directional lights on a tracker wire, pendant lights and under-cabinet lights. Even though function is the focus of task lighting, you can still have fun and give these pictures some style with glass and acrylic gloves, decorative shades, exposed wiring and industrial style mounting tracks. Accent light is all about getting creative. These lights' highlight collections or architecture are just set the mood of a room. Popular accent lights for----