Laminate Countertops

Get the scoop on this durable material that's also easy on the pocket book.

-Your kitchen countertops need to be hardworking and good looking. Laminate is a great choice. It's cost effective and offers tons of design potential. I'm Lacey Howard. I've got lots to show you. Let's get going. Laminate is a thin sheet of plastic resin typically only 1/16 of an inch thick, but this thin surface becomes a durable countertop when glued to plywood or particle board. Laminate comes in 2 forms. Preformed on a base of particle board, you'll only get a few color and edging options. Fabricated based on your request, you'll have nearly limitless choice of color, texture, and edging. Laminate is available in hundreds of easy-to-clean colors, patterns, and textures. Some mimic more expensive stone, metal, or wood. Others introduce stylish color and graphics into your kitchen. Edging is one aspect of laminate that you can have fun with. Work with a laminate fabricator to include contrasting materials such as wood or metal, bevel designs, rounded edges, and much more. If you choose laminate countertops, remember, they can be damaged by knives and hot pot. You need to sill all seams thoroughly so water does not seep in over time and ruin the adhesive. You'll need to chose a drop-in style sink. And don't forget, you can order prefabricated laminate countertop at a home center. An experienced do-it-yourself team could complete this project in a weekend.