Custom Cabinetry

Discover the benefits of adding custom cabinets to your kitchen.

-You have a big decision to make. Choosing your cabinets---- It's all about balancing your budget with your need for special features. Now you'll pay more for custom cabinetry with [unk] look in function just the way you want. Hi. I'm Lacey Howard. Let's take a look at what you can get for your money. For our custom cabinets, you'll be working with the Design Center or professional kitchen designer who then works with the master carpenter. Custom cabinetry is the highest price option but with custom, anything is possible. You and your designer create one of a kind artwork that fits your kitchen perfectly. Custom cabinets require time for designing, building and installing each unit. Anticipate anywhere from 4 to 24 weeks for a finished kitchen. Custom cabinetry offers an unlimited range of finishes and materials including black walnut, pearl maple and a host of exotic woods. Sizing and style can be anything you and your designer can imagine and your budget can handle. Look for exceptional construction such as full inset doors and drawers, excellent joinery particularly Mortise and Tenon, full extension door guide hardware that's able to support 75 to a 100 pounds. Custom cabinetry is great for a renovated kitchen or a period-style room. You can include fine details such as a decorative trim. You can also replicate period details that appear elsewhere in your home. Custom cabinets are professionally installed by the carpenter who built your cabinets or an approved onsite technician. Save money on custom cabinets by substituting open shelving---- Great for dishes and glasses instead of more expensive wall units. Happy planning!