Take a look at the numerous kitchen storage options available.

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-Get this. The average kitchen needs storage space for nearly 800 items. That's why storage-rich cabinets are so important for an efficient kitchen. I'm Lacey Howard, and today, I'm going to show you some storage options to really put your cabinets to work. -To get the most out of your kitchen, remember to plan for storage while you're designing and ordering your cabinets. Yes, you can add storage features later, but it's easier to build in storage from the start. Look for flexibility in your storage choices. Make sure that at least 50% of your shelves and dividers are adjustable. And don't forget to include some open cabinetry like below a work island or above a communications center. Outfit the interior of your cabinets with specialty features for organization. With semi-custom and custom cabinets, you can choose rollout trays and lowered cabinets, heavy duty flip-flop shelves for wall appliances, sliding baskets for produce or paper products, wine rack inserts, and open plate racks. -And don't forget about pumping up the function inside the drawers. Check this out. cool! -Popular specialty features include built-in dividers to Corelle utensils and tools, knife organizer to keep cutlery sharp, tarnish-proof silver drawers, sliding multi-level door trays, and dowel rod grid system to organize dish wear. Kitchen cabinets are no longer a one-size fits all proposition. Look for specialty pieces such as tall pantry units for canned goods and serving pieces, corners units with Lazy Susans or interlocking shelves, slim pullouts that you can access from both sides, and easy to use trash and recycling centers. If you're working with existing cabinets, you can still add storage capacity with clever add-ons such as wire racks. -You can also consider installing riser shelves for canned goods and spices, cooks for cups, pots and utensils, under-shelve bins for linens and lid plate racks, so you never misplace these items. -Make your life easier by storing stuff close to where it will be used. Keep your cookware and spices near the cook-top, your cleaning supplies near the sink, and things you don't use that often could be tucked away at a top of a tall cabinet or even in another room.