Kitchen Problems solved

Find solutions to the most common kitchen problems.

Hi! I'm Jenny Wright. Does your kitchen need of a little TLC? Well you're not alone. Although every kitchen is different, I found that homeowners come to me with the same common problems. Fortunately, this kitchen that I recently remodeled has 7 great solutions. Your kitchen problems will be solved. Kitchens have a ton of stuff that needs to be stored and if your kitchen is like this one, the existing cabinets may not be enough. Fortunately, you don't need to rip out your cabinets. A cabinet only needs to be about 12 inches deep to be useful. These tall cabinets from IKEA are only a foot deep but that's all the space you need to store canned goods, cereal boxes, small appliances and dishes. Not having enough space for meal prep is another major complaint from homeowners and this kitchen had very limited counter space. Removing the upper cabinets above this peninsula opened up sight lines and made this a comfortable spot to chop veggies or setup a buffet. Here's another space-saving tip that you'll thank me for. Get your microwave off the countertop. Look for a unit like this one that mounts to the wall or under the cabinets. This kitchen only had 2 ceiling mounted fixtures and a single hanging light over the dining area. Bring in the light. With the help of a professional electrician, we installed 6 new recessed fixtures in the work area and some pendant lights. Removing the original bulkhead was another project that opened up this kitchen. The area above the cabinets now offers display space and room for metal storage bins. Like many homes, this kitchen had a mix of old inefficient appliances. Choosing new appliances gave the homeowners features they wanted and the matching stainless steel fronts give the kitchen a clean unified look. This kitchen was trapped in the 1970s. The popcorn ceilings, a [unk] panel above the sink, dark blue countertops, and brick final flooring all had seen better days. Rather than trying to work with these dated elements, we decided to spend money to redo the ceiling, remove the front work, and install new more stylish laminate countertops and flooring. In addition to being ugly, no one wanted to spend time in this kitchen because there weren't any comfortable spots to relax. This new snack bar we built is a great place to pull up a stool and chat with the cook and this new banquet seat in the breakfast area is great for family meals and can be converted into sofa-like seating when hosting a party. No more excuses. Now you're armed with 7 ways to solve the most common kitchen problems. So let's remodel. I'm Jenny Wright with