Seven Design steps

Get expert design advice for any kitchen remodel.

-Hi! I'm Jenny Wright. Over the years, I've remodeled dozens of kitchens. Although each room poses its own challenges, I usually go through 7 essential design steps each time I start a new project. When I first visited this kitchen, I thought it was dark and dated especially for a fun family with 4 young kids, but I did see hidden potentials. Here's how I planned this room's floor to ceiling makeover. Every design project should start something that inspires you; maybe it's a great piece of furniture or a favorite piece of art. This fun fabric set a happy vibe for the room and inspired everything including the color palette, the updated cottage style, and the soft modern touches. Before you remodel, start making a list of all your needs and any problems you have with the room. For example, this family really needed a kid-friendly seating and more storage. Based on these needs, I designed this comfy upholstered blanket that includes lots of storage below. At 11 x 20 feet, this kitchen had limited floor space. Adding on wasn't a possibility, so we worked with the room's positives to make the most of every square inch. After sketching a floor plan of the room, I noticed a narrow strip of unused space between the sliding door and refrigerator. I introduced 2 tall shallow cabinets to give the family more storage. Time is of the essence when your kitchen is out of commission. Gather advice from professionals and set up a realistic timeline. With good planning, this project took about a month to complete; and by scheduling the project during warmer weather, the family was able to grill and eat outdoors during the work. To get a coordinated finished look, seek out products that are part of a collection or series. Fabrics and furniture are often available in this way, and now, appliances are as well. These stainless-steel Whirlpool appliances were less than $5000 for 4 pieces and really pull the kitchen together. Always draft a budget before you begin any remodeling projects. To make your budget work, combine a few splurges with budget-friendly choices. For example, in this kitchen, we spent $200 on this custom-made stainless-steel countertop. It's definitely a splurge, but it gives the space and high-end look and provides another place to eat, but on the cost-conscious side, we mounted the bar on $7 steel brackets. Store everything for your project in 1 spot. I like to use a basket to organize all the stuff for my projects, but a folder or file box can work too. Having everything in 1 location gives you and your designer or contractor a single place to go for any questions. So, there you have it, my 7 easy steps to planning remodeling projects. You're ready to get going, so let's do it. I'm Jenny Wright with Better TV.