Budget Remodel

Learn how to save money on your next kitchen remodel.

Hi! I'm Jenny Wright. Whether you're spending hundreds of dollars or tens of thousands on your kitchenery model, you really want to make your dollar stretch. This kitchen is filled with tons of great ideas on how to save money. I want to show you my top 8 tricks on how to save money on your next kitchenery model. Preparing meals is job number one for any kitchen. So it makes sense to invest in good appliances. For 4300 dollars the homeowners got a new stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave oven all from Whirlpool. If you like the placement of your cabinets, keep the cabinet boxes where they are and just update the drawers and drawer fronts. I ordered this kitchen's new drawer and drawer fronts online. Remember that time is money so doing some shopping from home is better for the budget than driving all around town. Natural stone countertops and hardwood flooring are beautiful but you can get a similar look at a fraction of the cost by choosing laminate instead. Easy-to-assemble Pergo flooring replicates the look of much more expensive pickled hard wood for about 600 dollars for the entire room. We dressed up these new laminate countertops from Wilsonart with a beveled edge. Well it costs a bit more than basic square edging. This treatment gives the surface the appearance of slab cut stone and eliminates those black seams. Rectangular/Subway tile from Home Depot is my new favorite remodeling product. These tiles only cost 13 cents a piece but they look great installed in an interesting pattern. And because these narrow green glass tiles were considerably more expensive, we used them just as accents. Door and door [unk] are like jewelry. You can spend a fortune but you don't need to. Just go for a simple clean look like these silver knobs. You'll get a look you'll love for a long time. These two tall cabinets from IKEA were easy to put together and changed this forgotten wall into a bonanza of storage. Price tag just 250 dollars. Paint is the cheapest, most effective decorating tool you have. Green and blue pain on the cabinets made us quickly forget about the original dark wood and a coat of sunny yellow paint makes this free market table a fresh edition in the dining area. The new stainless steel breakfast bar we added costs 200 dollars to have custom made, but it adds a lot of function and style to this face. We offset the cost by mounting it on 7-dollar brackets. When you combine these dollar stretching tips and a little creativity, you can get a kitchen that really suits your style and your budget. I'm Jenny Wright with Better.tv.