Budget Backsplash

A roll of wallpaper becomes a stylish backsplash.

-Hi. I'm Jenny Wright with Kitchen Makeovers Magazine. You know, the hardest part with using a backsplash is making a commitment to one certain style. I've got a great idea for all you change junkies out there. Here's an idea that you can change out again and again simply by switching out the wallpaper on your backsplash. You can add pattern or color or texture. It'll change the look of your entire kitchen. Just be sure that the wallpaper is washable and vinyl. For our backing, we use May Snipe which is a quarter-inch thick and smooth on the top. Apply wallpaper paste to the face. Adhere your wallpaper and make sure it's square. Rub out the air bubbles. Apply some contractor's adhesive to the frame. Turn it over and square the edge of the frame with the corner of the board. Do the same with the other frame pieces then slide the mitered corners together. Now, you're ready to mount it to the wall. Think of it. You can have a backsplash that changes with the season. I'm Jenny Wright with Kitchen Makeovers.