Budget Glamour

A savvy homeowner gets a sleek new kitchen with smart shopping.

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Hi! I'm Jenny Wright. Do you want a kitchen that superheats but doesn't cause the big bucks? I'm here in the home of Karen Edwards and she has transformed her kitchen with an eye for glamour and a really low budget. What's her secret? She makes cost savvy cabinetry; a few, easy, do-it-yourself projects; and a couple of splurges. -Hi Jenny! -Hey Karen! What's up? -What do you think? -Oh my gosh! It's an enormous transformation and I love the color. It's so soothing. -Thank you. I wanted something warm and neutral, but also sleek and contemporary. -Tell me about the cabinetry. Do you have 3 different kinds here or [unk]. -I know. I know. Well sometimes when you can't make up your mind, it's for a reason. I found them all at IKEA and I was attracted of course to the warm, neutral mat that's finished. -Of course, yeah. -But I also really love the glossy, white glass for contrast and then in between the two is the frosted glass finish. -I love it. All the palette just ties everything together. It's wonderful. -Thanks! I think that and this [unk] stainless accent. -There you go. -Yeah. -Can I ask how much? -You can, but you're going to be surprised. -Okay, hit me. -All cabinets, all countertops, the sink, the faucet, all hardware, under 3000 dollars. -Oh my gosh! I can't believe it! You're so smart! For smooth ergonomics, Karen opted for a wide variety of drawers and door choices. Drawers to one side of the oven store pots and pans with their lids on. Lift up doors on upper cabinets minimize reaching. Pullout baskets mounted inside the sink cabinet put cleaning items in easy reach. Pullout doors allow content to be accessed from either side while pullout shelves make even farthest recesses of your pantry easily visible. -Love the backsplash crocodile! What is it Karen? -It's actually wallpaper. -Oh my gosh! -It's final wallpaper. It's durable, it's washable. -It's gorgeous. -And I glued it to a board to give it some dimension and then I found these great shiny chrome framing strips at a mirror shop. -What about the durability of this and is it really okay to use that as a backsplash? -Everywhere but behind your cooktop where you really do need a good heat resistant material. -Okay. -And that's where I brought in the tiles. -Okay, very smart. Okay, the whole thing, what did it cost? -Well, the wallpaper, the framing strips, the tile, honestly less than my shoes. By keeping the cost of all cabinets and countertops low, Karen was able to put a large chunk of her budget towards cooking functions buying the cooktop and oven of her dreams. This sleek Viking electric cooktop and matching Viking oven in brilliant white. The cost of both appliances 4000 dollars. The cost of all cabinets, countertops, the sink, faucet, and hardware about 500 less than her dreamy cooktop and stove. Karen's kitchen used to be a larger spoil room, but being a pretty picky cook she preferred the floor plan of a classic galley shape. The extra space she converted into a pantry where she stores larger items and thinks she doesn't need everyday like baking and party supplies. Great convenience and again great savings. The four open shelves cost only 150 dollars plus [unk], Karen's pet [unk] loves the semi-privacy. -Come for dinner some time? -Oh my gosh I wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm Jenny Wright with