Simple Artwork

Transfer a favorite photo into tiles used for wall art.

-I'm Jenny Wright, a designer for Kitchen Makeovers Magazine. I've got a great wall art idea for you. This custom wall tile was made from a photo for only about $275. You can find companies that transfer photos to tile on the internet. I started by Googling photo tile and photo ceramic tile which led me to To hang the tiles, start by lightly drawing a straight line with a pencil. Then, tape on the picture hanger so you can hang the tile by the hook on the back. Now here's a trick to keep your tile nice and straight. Just apply several inches of hook and loop fastener to the wall and to the back of the tile. This helps keep the tile straight which is really important when you're hanging art in such a busy area. So, that's it. Wall art tile is easy and less expensive than having a custom piece of artwork commissioned. It's created an interesting focal point in this kitchen and it may just be the top of the conversation at your next dinner party. I'm Jenny Wright with Better.TV.