Budget Flooring

Designer stretches budget by adding wood “rug.”

-Hi. I'm Jenny Wright with Kitchen Makeovers Magazine. One of the biggest challenges you'll face when we're doing your kitchen is your floor. I'm gonna show you a great, creative solution using wood and tile. Before you begin, I have a few tips to consider to make the process a little bit easier for you. The most important thing you'll need to decide before you start to redo your floor is your budget. To save money, I compromised and mixed materials. Here, I chose a hexagon tile and mixed it with a warm wood. The tile was a splurge, so I offset the cost by making inset wood rugs. Using wood and tiles is also a great way to define space with the rug effect. Wood provides visual warmth and the lines create a smooth calming effect in the room. A conductor of heat, wood also retains its temperature---- A pro in the cold winter months. The white hexagon tile was a perfect choice to stay consistent with the original kitchen design and the craftsman style of the rest of the house. If you're thinking of mixing wood and tile, make sure you trim it to ensure a long life for your floor. To make sure the wood doesn't pop adjacent tiles out, I trimmed the wood rugs with [unk] strips. The metal strips act as a barrier between the wood and tile keeping the grout and tile from cracking when the wood expands. Because half of the kitchen is located above an unheated crawl space, radiant heat was installed to keep the [unk] toasty. So as the floor have to be leveled anyway to install the new flooring, installing the heat upgrade wasn't much more work. And there it is---- A creative way to mix wood and tile and some great tips to keep in mind before you start your next flooring project. Now if only the floors could clean themselves---- I'm Jenny Wright with Better.TV.