Custom Kitchen

Affordable Custom Kitchen

Designer adds touches to create a custom kitchen.

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Hi! I'm Jenny Wright with Kitchen Makeovers magazine. Do you want to get a custom kitchen but without the big price tag? If so, I got just the tip that would give you a high end look on the cheap. Kitchens need lots of extra storage no matter what size the kitchen. To maximize storage, choose cabinets that have pullout shelves. This makes storing and finding items in your cabinets much easier. These stock cabinets from American Woodmark have pullout shelves, hidden cutting boards, and garbage pullouts. This Lazy Susan makes getting to the back of corner cabinets as easy as spinning a wheel. I designed this kitchen to pack storage in every possible place. This kitchen didn't have an entrance from the back yard. So we installed these French doors to make coming in and out more convenient. Installing French doors that open to the backyard allow for mini mudroom even though this isn't a large kitchen. Also by adding a sink here, it's perfect for cleaning up after coming inside. For today's busy lifestyles, I kept in mind that you wan eating and cooking areas together. You can never have too many cooks in the kitchen. Using cabinet uppers, I designed this cozy bench seat, trimmed it with a toe kick and topped it with a cushion. I also had a carpenter make this table without an apron to allow enough space for leg room. To make the space more livable, I designed a spot to make a TV. One project that soften the space was adding fabrics and this tile artwork. The fabric had softness to the typical hard surfaces found in the kitchen while the weave of the fabric creates a unifying feel tying in the window treatments to the chairs. Instead of running cabinetry just along the wall, I designed this great peninsula to separate the work area from the dining area. Like many homes, this kitchen didn't have any visual divisions. By adding a peninsula, this provides more counter space while separating the space without blocking the view. Since the old and cracked floors had to be replaced anyway, I chose a hexagon tile and wood combination to keep a consistent feel with the rest of this craftsman's style home. The wooden tile makes visual rugs that also define the two spaces. I love these state of the art appliances from Jenn-Air especially the cabinet depth refrigerator. Appliances are not in the kitchen only for function. They can make a strong design statement too. The rich tone from these oil bronze appliances complements our cabinetry perfectly. Because half of the kitchen is above a [unk] space, the homeowner installed radiant heat to keep the floor warm in cold winter months. Without sacrificing any style, I used home store product and a few special touches and gave this kitchen a great custom look. I'm Jenny Wright with