Area, Cooking, & Clean-up

Prep Area, Cooking, & Clean-up

Discover the inspiration behind the 24/7 Kitchen and tour its well-designed workstations.

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-Hello, I'm Linda Eggers, editor of Kitchen and Bath Ideas magazine. This is Janice Pattee, a certified kitchen designer, and we chose this year to design our kitchen for the NKBA's Annual Design Ideas Center at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. Tell me what the original concept of this kitchen was. -Well, we came up with a concept that would meet the needs of a very busy family. -Uh huh. -With teenagers, family of 4, a kitchen space that was really multipurpose, lots of activity, breakfast, TV watching, cooking, entertaining, -Uh huh, -and so forth. -You designed this kitchen to have workstations. Can you tell me what's the concept behind the workstation and why it's important? -Basically within the kitchen lay out or kitchen design, we try to focus as designers on the basic work triangle. Within that work triangle are different zones or different areas of activity that take place. -Uh huh. -So in this particular kitchen, we have the food prep area and we've got---- within that food prep, it kind of entails the cooktop, the refrigeration, but the main area within that food prep would be refrigeration and cooking. Also in this particular kitchen, we've got the cleanup center too because the cleanup center in here is very important. -Uh huh. -Again, the idea was to creat a kitchen for very busy family. -Uh huh. -And also the family entertains a lot -Uh huh. -both casually and formally. -Uh huh. -So, it's not only do we have 2 sinks here in this kitchen, but also 2 dishwashers, which really works great for a busy family. -This is a beautiful island and I see you put the cooktop on the island, what makes that a good application? -Actually, the cooktop on the island is perfect in this situation because the primary person who cooks here, in this case the mother, enjoys cooking a lot, gourmet cooking, but also she loves interaction with her family during the whole time and most of the activity takes place at the cooktop versus like in the ovens, so it put her in view of what was going on in the rest of the family area. -Sure. So, it's---- it really---- it's conducive to interaction. -Now tell me a little bit about this area, which I think I would view as kind of a baking center and---- and being able to bake and roll out cookie dough and things right over here. -When designing in a basic work triangle, the ovens usually are---- are kind of set away because if they're not, the main cooking area that's really the cooktop. So in an ideal world, to have your ovens removed from the heavy traffic area and just kind of a little offset in the kitchen works beautifully, this is perfect for baking, 2 ovens and then also because there are teenagers in this family if you have her have to have meals that are ready and needs to be stay warm, a warming drawer is a perfect solution for this. -Uh huh. I love this refrigerator and it's largely because you can hardly tell a tall refrigerator. -Yes. Actually this whole unit looks like a fine piece of furniture and very intentional. This---- this kitchen, it was perfect to fully integrate all the appliances by putting on the matching doors, accentuating with a beautiful piece of hardware, but also not only that Linda, but changing the door style in the finish, so really becomes a fitted piece of furniture that just kind of blends right into the kitchen.