Tour the multipurpose mudroom that boasts a half shower, bench, and plenty of storage.

-Janice, this is the last great space within this kitchen area. It's the mud room. It's where people come in probably from the garage, and it's got all kinds of great places to sit. Let's try the bench. -Isn't this wonderful? -It's great. I love it, and we've also got this little half bench and a half shower. What inspired you with the shower? -Well, it just seemed right to incorporate some place for a drip-dry in close proximity to the laundry room. So, we can use it as a dip-dry and because the hobby for these homeowners are gardening, it also acts as kind of a, you know, an auxiliary to the potting. You know, wash off your boots over here with the little hand spray. You can fill up a bucket if you need to either for cleaning or for watering plants, and if you're in a bind, you can even wash the dogs' feed-off over here. -Perfect. -There's also---- If you look around the corner Linda, there is some shelves, open slat shelves. It's perfect to set those boots on for to---- So that they dry off.