’s Pantry

Butler’s Pantry

Discover the versatile butler’s pantry that provides storage as well as space to entertain.

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-Janice, this is a great area. Now, as I understand it, this is called the butler's pantry. -It is a butler's pantry. Isn't it beautiful? -It's beautiful. -It acts as kind of an auxiliary to the kitchen. It's perfect for dish storage as you can see here, and then also, kind of an overflow of food storage if needed. You know, the idea behind this particular butler's pantry was that we kind of talked about the breakfast bar area or the snack center. -Right. -And it---- It kind of overflows from that or it works---- I should say it works in conjunction with the breakfast center. So, this can also be used for entertaining. Friends come over. We've got the beverage center. There's a---- -I see we've got a small sink. -There's a---- -Bar sink. -There's a sink. A bar sink and there's also a dishwasher. Can you believe that? -Three dishwashers in this space. -It's perfect. It's perfect. -For people who entertain and who have children. -Yes. -You need 3 dishwashers. -Right, and as you can see, like in the---- Behind these glass doors, there is kind of probably the good dishes you would keep in here, and instead of carrying them all the way into the kitchen and back into the butler's pantry, you know it only makes sense to wash them here and then put them away.