Banquette, Desk, & Breakfast Center

Tour the hardworking and family-friendly banquette, desk, and breakfast center.

-Okay Janice, so this is the---- so the electronics area and then I noticed here is the sort of breakfast/snack area. -Breakfast/snack, I think it's a perfect---- it's a perfect solution. For morning breakfast, the kids can come here, make their coffee, fixed their breakfast. They're not in the central kitchen area, but also in the afternoon, it can act as a snack center and in the evening when you have friends over to entertain or whatever. It also works as a kind of beverage station, appetizers, snacks over here. It's really perfect and it keeps---- it keeps everyone out of the cooks away out of the main kitchen. So, I think it's really neats, -- neat idea, neat solution. -And then when I come right across here, we've got---- what I'm guessing might be the place we've put away laptops and things once dinner's ready. -It's a great place for homework, laptops, kind of again, you know, that hangout place that I was talking about earlier where, you know, mother had cooking, the kids are doing their homework or they're doing some research for papers or something like that. -Uh huh. -Little storage, desk area. I designed this so that it was convenient, but it didn't a little---- I would call message center. It didn't take that the whole kitchen, but total access and phone messages, cellphones, ipods, you know, the techie world. -Yup. Now, this area is great Janice, but this banquet is marvelous. What makes it so needing? Was it comfy? -Isn't it wonderful? -It's great. It's very comfortable, actually. -Well, tell me a little bit about how you design it. -When I design this, I kind of envision the teenager's hanging out in this space, relaxing, maybe even with their feet up, their laptops open, their ipods connected, and well kind of keeping the teenager in mind again and the kitchen as the central activity center. Some place that was comfortable, that you could enjoy interaction with your children during dinner or---- or the kids could just hang out with your friends. We have a TV in part of the kitchen, which you know is kind of keeps them in tune with news and so forth. You know it's---- the whole space is really total interaction. We'd provided a great solution here.