Under $500 Kitchen Makeovers

$500 Makeover: From Retro to Modern

-I'm Rachel Halgo, Assistant Editor with Kitchen Makeovers Magazine. We're all about big dream and real budget. We chose this 1930's kitchen to show you how easy it is to totally transform the look of your kitchen for only $500. -When we started, this kitchen looked a little bit like a 1950's diner. We kept what worked and replaced what didn't. By making only surface changes and keeping the layout, we were able to stretch the budget. Painting the walls give the space a neutral palette. For only $3, it was a simple way to take the room from retro to modern. Sleek, laminate countertops from IKEA replace the old, wobbly countertop. This edge looks like [unk] than sub-solid surface which gives a high-end look for less---- Only $98. The sink was original to the house so we replaced it with a stunning stainless steel version from Wilson Art for $120. Even though the faucet have been replaced by the previous homeowner, we chose a modern faucet from faucetdirect.com to go with the new look. We shopped around online and found it for $50. This backsplash really upgraded the feel of the space. Glass tiles sometimes can be pricey, but this tile from Modwalls cost only $160. The cabinets were already painted black which work with the new look. To add some personality to the inside of the cabinet, we covered foam core with wrapping paper from the paper store for only $16. Simple window treatments were made by applicating leftover fabric from the dining room window treatments to a pre-made Roman shade. Black Grow-Grain ribbon finishes the look. This kitchen got a high-end look for less than $500. $474 to be exact. I'm Rachel Halgo with Kitchen Makeovers Magazine. We help you with big dreams but real budget.