$5oo Makeover: From Boring to Beautiful

A little elbow grease and simple upgrades took this kitchen from boring to beautiful.

I'm Rachel Haugo with Kitchen and Bath Makeovers magazine were all about big dreams and real budget. We chose this kitchen to show you how a few simple upgrades and a little Aqua grease. It can take your kitchen from boring to beautiful and the best part you don't have to spend more than $500. When the project started, this kitchen was a blank plate. The simple white cabinets work, but there wasn't anything really special about that. Clearing up the tops of the cabinet simplify the space and didn't cost a thing. Painting the walls of warm grey infused the room with a modern feel. The paint from Freshaire costs $40. To add color to the room without feeling overwhelming, a simple 1 x 1 inch variegated tile from ModWalls. It was easy to install for just $229. This cabinet was considered waste of space before, so we added shelves perfect for wine storage. This little niche was also empty and awkward. By adding 2 shelves, it's now the ideal place to store cookbook. The lumber for this project came in at $20, so glam up the cabinets without doing any major changes. We switched out the knobs for streamline to brushed nickel pulls from Alice Homewares. They cost $118. Before, this niche was the catch-out place for wine, cookbooks and everything else. We cleaned it out, painted it the same grey the rest of the kitchen and topped the seat with a comfy seat cushion. The fabric from Company C costs $50. To update the lighting, we replaced the old picture with this inexpensive model. We found in the outdoor lighting section at a local hardware store and it fits perfectly for only $30. It was a great buy. It's that easy and only a weekend this kitchen got a completely upgraded look for just $490. Now, what do you think you could do in your kitchen? I'm Rachel Haugo with Kitchen and Bath Makeovers magazine were we help you with big dreams and real budget.