See the hottest major appliances at the 2009 Kitchen and Bath Industry Show.

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-Hello. I'm Linda Eggers, editor of Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine. I'm at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show and if you are looking for a major appliance, you're gonna find it here. From refrigerators to microwaves to cooktops to warming drawers to dishwashers to wall ovens, it's all here. Come along with me and we'll pick out my favorites at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show. -I'm very excited to show you the new built in 36-inch refrigerator from Dacor, Energy Star-rated and green as always with everything that Dacor does. You look at the styling---- With interchangeable handles---- Very styled. Designers love these. As you open it up, you can see the different drawers that are available. Here you have the deli drawer with those are usually large and illuminating lights. And down below, we have our freezer with ice access. -If you're looking for an even more affordable refrigerator, Amana is developing a line of compact refrigerators that sell for $799 in a wide range of colors and stylish designs. -Kimora Lee black stainless---- Treated stainless steel with a laminate finish on it that is virtually fingerprint resistant and easy to care for. This is gonna integrate seamlessly with any stainless steel product or any black product that you have in your home currently. First one is---- This is the onboard ice maker giving you water and ice through the door, the slide-away shelf for taller, unusually shaped items, the gourmet pantry door for being able to prepare food the day before the day, and these exclusive totes and tag. -While I was exploring the Kenmore booth, I found another innovative product. This is a freestanding induction range with an electric oven. Since the induction cooktop stays cool, it creates a safer cooking environment. This model can easily replace any standard size range. If you're looking for induction cooking, but you want a more Pro-style look, American Range's HYBRID Range might just be for you. You can boil 4 cups of water in 60 seconds on the front burners, but the cooktop stays cool to the touch. So, it's safer for the cook to reach items simmering on those backburners. -Guess what I found---- A Jenn-Air wall oven that teaches even me how to cook. This oven has so much power that if I bring home a frozen pizza, put it in here and put it no preheat, it immediately starts cooking that pizza, and it cooks in a very short amount of time without a warm-up period. I love it. -The industry's first 36-inch downdraft gas cooktop---- The beautiful part about this gas cooktop is that it'll offer powerful burners up to 17,000 and as low as 5,000 BTU's, heavy duty cast iron grates, and beautiful part about this is that it can be vented outdoors so that all of the cooking odors that you create in the kitchen are taken outdoors. -Starting in July, Maytag is going to rollout dishwashers with this new silverware blasting technology. These models will have 4 targeted jet streams aimed directly at the silverware. The steaming function also helps to loosen caked on foods. It is the ultimate cleaning machine. Outside the kitchen, several laundry innovations caught my eye. -Today, we're introducing MotionCare Technology. In standard washers throughout the industry, it's a tumbling motion that is standard, and the reason for that is they're limited by the drive system. With our Direct Drive Technology, we can more finely tune the action of the wash drum to better care for clothes. Meaning---- Better cleaning performance, lower water usage and better energy efficiency. -The Whirlpool Duet Steam Laundry System features a refresh cycle that removes odor and wrinkles in your dryer. With the energy savings of this washing machine, you could save nearly $850 over 5 years. That's over a regular top-loading washer. -I'm in the LG booth and this is a terrific refrigerator. It has great capacity. It has French doors, so when you open both sides, you've got access to everything in the refrigerator. Very easy to use, plus it's got this terrific, tall dispenser for water. Sip this right here, water here. Holds tall pitchers and tall glasses, but what I really love about this refrigerator is how accessible the freezer section is. All you do is press the button and you don't even have to pull the drawer out. Press it again, and it's closed. No bending or stooping. And those are my top hits for appliances.