Texture Trends in Tile

Texture puts tile on the home fashion A-list at the world's largest tile tradeshow.

-Here at Cersaie, the World's Largest Tile Exhibition, one of my favorite jobs---- Trend-spotting. I'm Lacey Howard. Here are a few of my favorites. -When it comes to texture, it seems that imitation is the most popular form of flattery. These tiles closely resemble their more delicate wall and floor covering cousins such as wood, stone and fabric. Even [unk], leather and other natural textures are impersonated on tile. Wood-look tiles offer the visual and tactile pleasures of wood grain, whether it be stain, painted and even in a parkay pattern. Touchable fabrics are also mimicked by tile. The loose weave of linen, the soft pillowing of quilted designs and the delicate designs of lace are imprinted onto the surface of tile. Alongside the resurgence of wallpaper in the interior design world, tile is also taking texture to the walls. Tone on tone designs and relief and raised patterns includes [unk], damasks and florals. More modern designs include varying thicknesses mixed with any single tile to create a grid or random horizontal or vertical stripes. For a softer look, these designs incorporate ruffled waves instead of sharp edges. Other wall tiles get practical with useful elements such as cooks. Specifically worthy of note are new wall tile designs that impersonate architecture. Venetian plaster looks and even tiles that look like raised panel [unk] give walls beautiful dimension, historic character and tile's wall documented durability. -Whether your personal style is bold or more subtle, express yourself in today's hottest tile trends.