Clolr & Pattern Trends in Tile

Color and pattern come alive in tile at the world's largest tile tradeshow.

-Here at Cersaie, the world's largest exhibition in tile, color and pattern reigns supreme. I'm Lacey Howard. Let's take a look at the trends. Although tile is available in every color under the Sunday, in 2008, purple is the new king of color. Every shade from lavender to eggplant makes a fashion statement when incorporating into any design, shape or size of tile installation. Queen to the color king is gold, another hue associated with opulent and luxury. While metallics made a big showing at Cersaie, gold was especially brilliant when used in grout as threads running through tiles or as accent strips incorporated into a design. The days of creating a neutral floor with solid color tile have past. Today's designs embrace pattern for a playful look with lots of personality. Circles, rings, dots and chain-link patterns mimic the fashion world status symbol. Other mod geometrics hawk into the fashion-forward fabrics straight from the European runway. It seems that the world of textiles carries particular weight at this year's Cersaie. The influence of fabric can be seen in tactile patterns which is the quilting or the imprint of lays but also in the visual. Designs from subtle to bold utilize fabric-inspired print such as Daimos, floral, monograms, even Burberry-famous plaid. Cersaie's other stand-outs in pattern seem to draw inspiration from our everyday surroundings. Check out these tiles and incorporate maps, cityscapes, computer chips and even shoe thread look. -Whether your personal style is subtle or bold, express yourself in tile with today's hottest color schemes.