Cabinetry Basics

Learn about cabinetry styles and find the one that¿s right for you.

-Hi. My name is Connie Edwards. I'm Director of Design for American Woodmark Corporation, and we make American Woodmark Cabinetry that's available at your neighborhood Home Depot and we also make mention on dog cabinetry available exclusively at Lowe's. The editor of Kitchen and Bath Ideas Magazine asked me to chat with you for a minute today about selecting cabinet door styles that are just right for you so let's get started. Well, there certainly are a lot of different types of door styles and finishes out there today that choice is almost unlimited, but we're gonna try and make that a little easier for you by breaking it down into categories. Let's start with the difference between a standard overlay door and a full overlay door. A full overlay door has the door and drawer head that's just about as big as the frame of the cabinetry. You often use that in a little more contemporary or clean line design, and then there's standard overlay that shows some of the frame expose all around the door and the drawer head. Often, that's used in a more country or traditional environment. Both can be used both ways, but it's one of the differences you're going to encounter as you're shopping for cabinets. Now, when you're picking cabinet door styles, whether they're standard overlay or full overlay, you're going to have a choice between raised panel and recessed panel. And when you're doing that, you also are going to have a choice between cathedral and square. So pay attention to what exactly is the right look for you. They're both beautiful but which one works best for you? When you're looking at door styles, you're going to find that there are door styles with the solid wood insert panels, whether it's raised or flat, or you're going to find an option with the veneer insert. Both are beautiful, but if you're looking at a budget, consider a door style with a veneer insert. It's going to be a little bit more budget-friendly.