Organize Your Kitchen

Better’s organizing expert shows you how to get your kitchen back in working order.

Well the holidays are over, the guests are out of the house. Now may be time to get back into the kitchen and get us back in working order. Ellen and Brooke, show us how. The kitchen may look beautiful on the outside but on the inside and in the cupboards, not so much! Ellen and I are here at Ikea with some great ideas to get organized inside your kitchen. Exactly! Because that is the workhorse. So first thing I ought to do is go through all your drawers. Get rid of all these odd utensils like you don't use very often. Clean everything out and start over. And Ikea's got some great ideas to help you get the inside of your cabinets organized. Let's look inside this drawer. What do we have here? Oh, I love this! Flexible storage! Look how easily these things slide, so that your pots and pans and all your small lids and everything can fit in a drawer really easily. It's also got a rubber mat underneath so things aren't clanging around hitting each other. And you can take the rubber mat out, really easy to clean it. I really like how the pots and the top are separated very easily, go like this. Exactly! And you're done! I love it! Here's another idea over here. Traditionally somebody would use this as a pantry but look what they have this used for. Plastic ware! We could always use that! Lots of plastic ware! And this is an excellent idea, again, for all your storage, flexible system, rubber mats easy to clean. And if you don't wanna use this for plastic wares, use it as a pantry. And you can also use this system in a drawer. It doesn't have to be used here. Absolutely! This can be used anywhere. This is what I love about it. See? Organization means flexibility. So that as your life changes, you organization can change as well. What's behind door number 3? Door number 3 is another idea: slide out baskets. Especially for a lot of your cooking wares or serving wares or miscellaneous. Sometimes you think they don't have a category, so each basket can be just a miscellaneous. And I love things that pull out because the backs of cabinets can become black holes. Right. So this way you're utilizing every single piece of desk in the cabinet. And it's easier to expect what you need here. So let's talk about serving ware as well. We don't wanna forget about that. No. Okay, what's in here? Well, a lot of people waste space with their plates, with their bowls, and with their trays. Look at these. These actually use the height in your cabinet. Alright! You can see everything and these completely come out. So if your serving for buffet, check that out! Oh, very nice! So if you wanna go set the table, whatever. Uh huh. You wanna think flexibility as well as portability with your serving ware. So don't forget that as well. Okay. And then we've got some great drawer ideas. Now traditionally, people use drawer dividers for their silverware which I love. This stays right in place so you don't have that funky little thing that's moving around all the time. That always happens to me! It always slide back and I'm always moving it. So this is nice. It just goes in there. It is completely stable. So this is a great option. And some other ways to use it, it's not just for silverware. But you can also use it for napkins, place mats, napkin rings, or serving trays and dishes, handles, anything like that 'cause it all stays within the serving area and it's all completely organized. And you know where everything is and you look beautiful in the inside as well! As the outside. So the inside's the brain, the outside's the beauty. Now I like that. Thanks Ellen! Thanks Brooke! Back to you guys. And for some more organizing tips or if you have questions for Ellen, log on to her website This has been For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the weekday television program Better, your source for styles, trends, relationships, beauty, fitness and other stories that will help make your day better! Check local TV listing to see if Better airs in your city. Thanks for watching!