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A new product could help you keep track of friends and family members' birthdays.

Brooke is here now. We have a couple of hot topics we'd like to share with you at home, some things we think you might find of interest. What do you have? I've got a little treat for everybody for helping you organize. It's a pretty book! Isn't it? Yeah! It's an organizer to, for your birthdays and anniversaries, and thank you cards. I like that! Because I don't know about you, but whenever I'm trying to remember somebody's birthday, I take my calendar, I write it down. And then you know, you get a new calendar, and then you have to write again in that one. Sure! So this way, you can write it down. There's a month, there's a little tab in here for each month. That's great! So you can write down everyone's birthday. And there's also a helpful information tab in here where you can write down diff resources like a florist, a jeweler, some websites. I also think, you know, I've talked with Ellen Damaschino, our organizing expert about this before, and she recommends putting some gift ideas in here as well. You know as the years go on or the year goes on, if somebody mentions something like silver belt blouse. Sure. You can write it down. Well. So when their birthday comes, you have an idea. And another great idea, write down what you've given to somebody so that you don't give it them again. Yeah, and maybe, could you do that same thing for writing down what you say in the card? Say the same thing! I feel like I write the same thing sometimes! You know, best wishes, things like that. That's a neat book! They have this little thing in here for stamps, something like anniversary cards, birthday cards, blank cards, miscellaneous cards, thank you cards, and all right here in this book. So where can you get this? It's called Life Library, Keeping Track The Life Library. And it's on Brilliant! Getalife, if you organize a venue you can actually have a life. It costs $38.95. They also have other books for take out menus, for recipes, for keeping the house organized together like swatches and paint color and that type of things. So, $38.95 is where you can find this neat little book. I love it! And it's beautiful! Yeah! And it keeps everything in order. Yeah! And then you'll have 500 calendars lying around it. And you'll never forget another birthday. No! No! No more excuses I supposed. Alright. Speaking of excuses. Uh huh. A lot of us are trying not to make excuses when it comes to exercising. Yeah. Because at the start of the year we all like to get into a routine. I know you're a runner. I am, yeah. And it started out slow. I wasn't at first and then I started, you know, 1 mile, 2 miles. And now it seems easier to run than it does to do the elliptical, some things like that. Well, and that's a great point. So if you've wanted to run anything "Uh, I'm too heavy" or "Oh, it's too hard". Lemme tell you, I'm curvy, I have really thick legs. I'm not built like a runner. You look at runners and they're all super lean. Uh huh. So if, I always start somebody poured lead into my legs when I run. But, even if I run just a little bit then have to walk and then run some more, I feel like I've done something really good for my body. So don't let the actual activity really kind of look like the bad thing. And it is gonna be difficult. No pain no gain, you know what they say. That thing. But there's a guy in Seattle, his name is Tony Williams. He has a great website called And he really helps people get on their feet and start running. And one of his tips if you're gonna start running, 'cause that's it like for beginning, don't jump and do it too quickly. Uh huh. Because you're just gonna hurt yourself. He says even if you go a quarter of a mile every other day. Uh huh. In 2 months, you're gonna be better than you were if you didn't do it. So I mean, you're cardiovascular. Right. You're endurance is going to be better. So start slowly. If you don't wanna run because it's raining. Put a rain jacket on! Probably use that too! Uh huh. Don't wear leggings like a lot of people do because it's cold and wet outside. He says wear shorts. That's the best way to go. And then you're gonna wanna put Vaseline, petroleum jelly on your legs. Really! The water will run off. And make sure you got a good pair of sneakers. Have somebody assist you. Yeah. There are a lot of experts out there that will fit you. You will find your running improved just in the first week. Oh it's cute! That's great advice! Yup! Yeah, you'll feel so much better!