Stop Procrastinating

Don't wait another day. Better's organizing expert has tips to getting the job done.

Well, we're a few weeks into the new year and as you vow to get your act together, the weekends keep passing you by. Well, stop procrastinating. It's time to get organized. Brooke and Ellen are showing us how. Are you the type of person who puts everything off until the last minute? This year, stop procrastinating and make that your New Year's resolution. Organizing editor, Ellen Damaschino is here to help us get started, and you know we actually put off doing this segment because. Let's just wait another 15 minutes and we'll start. You can do it. Why do we procrastinte? Well, there's a lot of reasons and I'm gonna give you the top for today. Number 1 is fear of success or failure, which really is perfectionism. Okay. So my New Year's resolution is to lose weight. Well. Uh-huh. I'm afraid I'm not gonna lose the weight I want to, so I'm not gonna even start. So there's that big fear of people that they won't get it done or that they're gonna do something and it won't be perfect. So they don't do it all. So you've got to overcome that. And how do you overcome that if you have those fears? The first thing you have to remember is it's about the progress, so take it by little steps. It's better to weight 10 pounds less than you do now. Uh-huh. Than to lose the 45 pounds that you want to lose. Okay. It's better to organize a little drawer than to just to have to organize your whole kitchen. Also it's about, not about perfectionism, it's about completing this job, so you want to make sure you're talking about you're completing, you're making progress, and no one is good enough. It's good enough to get to this point. And even if you haven't finished it, at least you've started it. At least you've done something. Yes. And maybe that will help you propel to finish the rest. You are absolutely right. Another reason that people procrastinate is they over or underestimate how long it takes someone. This is the number 1 robber of things with time. Sure. So what you want to do is you want to time yourself. I brought a timer today. You say, "Hey. It takes 10 minutes to mop the floor." Maybe it really only takes 3, so you're over or underestimating the time it takes, so you get fearful. Uh-huh. Of what to do. So to make progress on that, you want to break things down into bite-sized pieces. Sure. Give yourself smaller goals than bigger goals. For example, if you have a thousand e-mails in your inbox. Right. To chunk out 10 a day. Okay. So let's just say I'm gonna sit there for 4 hours and do this huge task. You're not gonna do it. It's overwhelming and it'll probably take you longer than you think or maybe even less time than you think. But now that these are things are fun to do and so you feel like, "Well, you know, I'm just really not in the mood to do any of this." Well. So that's why you put it off. We're never in the mood. I'm not in the mood to organize my garage. I'm not. Yeah. Really. Not in the mood to pay my bills. So don't wait 'til you're in the mood. You've got to schedule. Put it on your calendar. Make time to do it and don't be afraid to make small amount of time. Give yourself 15 minutes, maximum half an hour, and plan for interruptions. So you're going to be interrupted, but don't let that get you off task. Stay on task and stay within that time limit, and ask yourself, you know, just to fit into what I can do during this day. Yeah. How do you stay on task? Because it's really easy to get off task. Soon you've got calls on the phone and sure, you want to stand and talk to them forever. You know, there's all kinds of ways you can get off task. You can also say, "I'll call you back in half an hour. I'm doing something right now." Give yourself the time. Not everything that rushes to you is the most important thing to do. Uh-huh. And a lot of these tasks are unpleasant, but you got to get them done. It's just part of our lives. So and how do you make them a little bit more pleasurable? I mean if that's even possible. Okay. So you hate paying bills. You've got to get your tax stuff together. Make your environment more pleasant if you can, so brew your favorite cup of tea, put on your favorite music, do something that makes the task more enjoyable for you and that way, you're more likely to stay with it. You want to give yourself, you know, the right tools for the job. Make sure that you have everything in place so you won't put it off. It'll be easy for you to accomplish and then reward yourself when you're done. Fab. So when I [unk]. Go have coffee with your girlfriends. Go see the movie that you want. Go take a walk. Just do something really fun. Sounds good. This has been For more stories, like the one you just saw, catch the weekday television program, Better, your source for style, trends, relationships, beauty, fitness, and other stories that will help make your day better. Check local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city. Thanks for watching.