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Organize Your Living Space

Here are some expert tips on how to get a clutter-free living space in under thirty minutes.

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This week, we're gonna help you clear out the clutter one room at a time, so let's get organized. And today, we start with the living room. Here's Brooke and organizing expert Ellen Damaschino. The living space is usually the place where the family hangs out, but sometimes the kids and all their toys can take over, right, Ellen? Yes, and so we've got a space, very typical. Let's go in and check it out. Yeah. Wait till you see this. Toy land. When I walk in, it's overwhelming, and it's not a relaxing place and what he would like is to be more relaxing so that we could watch TV, enjoy it a little bit better, but there's a lot of stuff going on in here. It is a mismatch of adult space and kid space. This is a very common problem in the living space that you're sharing with the 2 ages. So, we've got toys from one end to the other, and we're gonna make clearly defined spaces for Crystal so the adults have their area and the kids have theirs. What do you think of the layout of this room? Is the couch where it should be? Is the TV where it should be? We don't have a lot of options for the sofa. I think the sofa is great where it is, but we're gonna move the TV over into the corner because that is wasted space. It's a cute corner and the TV's taking up this big wall, so we're gonna make the TV and the couch and the foosball table which they just bought go into one area and all the toys will be at this end of the room. These bins are always good in theory. They're terrible when it comes to functionality. They're hard to get out, the kids can't get them out, so we're gonna replace this system with something that's a little bit more adult but is easy for kids and is gonna fit more aesthetically in this space. Are you ready to get started? I am ready to get started. How long do you think it's gonna take us? Under an hour. Under an hour? Maybe even under a half an hour. What do you think? Good. Well, that space you just opened up. I know. That looks great. I need a stool, though, I can't reach. Thanks, Ellen. My tall friend. Good to have tall friends. What's great about this Ikea shelf is that it is more grown up in this space and this is a family living space and your kids will grow into this, it's not just a toy item so you can use books in it when they're older, you can put craft supplies. This is a great versatile piece of furniture and when you're thinking of living spaces, think versatility. Ellen, half an hour, we did it. We did do it. It looks great. Look at all this space there is for the kids to play in here now. Now, the kids really do have a large area to put their toys in. It's physically divided between the adult area and the kid area and actually Crystal has a natural barrier here. She can say, this is the no-toy zone. So, every toy now can stay in this area. And when the kids come over there, tons of room to spread out. I am so amazed. This is unbelievable. I'm excited for my husband to come home and see this and to sit on the couch and turn on the TV and the kids to, you know, play their bouncy ball and then clean it up really quickly. If you're multi-using a room, make sure you have certain areas. The TV-watching area, the toy area, the big foosball area. Those things will help you to organize your room quickly and efficiently. Look what we did in the half an hour. Thanks, Ellen. We rock. Did it again. Back to you guys. Quite a transformation, don't you think? And Ellen says don't be afraid to donate. It's a good idea to go through your things at least twice a year to avoid too much pileup in one room. This has been For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the weekday television program Better, your source for style, trends, relationships, beauty, fitness, and other stories that will help make your day better. Check your local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city. Thanks for watching.