Declutter Your Garage

Get organized! Better has tips to get your garage in tip top shape this spring.

Garages are typically used for parking cars, not parking your stuff. But getting the junk can be a daunting task. That's why we have help to get organized. Organizing expert Ellen Damaschino and Brooke tackle a garage they've seen before. Two years ago, we surprised this homeowner with a garage makeover. Well, guess what? We are back. And we're gonna see if those organizing systems that we put in 2 years ago are still working for Sara. This place better still be clean. Sara? Oh. Not bad, actually. No. I think it's pretty nice. You can actually walk in still. Compared to how we left it, there's just a few things out of place and some new piles have formed. Clutter is deferred decision making and that's exactly what happened to this area right here so we're gonna help her get these things out of here. But Ellen's original concept has been working for Sara. What worked for you? Oh, definitely having a place to put everything away. Sometimes, I let stuff kind of pile up, if I was busy things would pile up, but there was a place for them to go and having everything labeled that shows where it goes, which goes in which box, that helped me and it helped my husband. Having a place to do the laundry has really been great. I didn't realize until after you guys had left how much I really needed a place to fold my laundry. Before, it was just piles of junk and now I have a place I can fold my laundry. I've got this bin here that I can put my ironing in, so that's been great. What's this here, though? Well, this is-- Does this belong here? No. No. These candles are supposed to go on the cupboard over there. Okay. And why are they not in the cupboard over there? Because there's a bed in front of the cupboard. And why is there a bed in front of the cupboard? Because I'm supposed to sell it and it's been 2 years now and I haven't. Sometimes, the countertop gets a little messy but there is a place to put everything away. Before, there wasn't a place, there wasn't a home for everything and, you know, now everything is labeled. My husband can figure out where stuff is. So, we just have little touches that we need to make here and there and then I think you'll be back in business. You guys ready to do it? We've got the tuneup and we're gonna get this done in less than half an hour. Oh, I'd like that. Ready? Let's go, team. Go, team! So, let's move this stuff out, and I'm gonna move it this way so we're gonna bring the bed around that way. I can't believe it's a cabinet organizer. Help me figure it out, does it go over here? Over here, over there. I want you to get underneath because it's a sewing table. Wanna take this side, we're gonna take them as one unit. After 20 minutes of reorganizing, the garage is back in order. Now, do you think you can work with it this way? Yes, I can. You guys helped me so much last time and this, it's gonna be even easier this time. That's the main point here is that we put systems into place, lives change, things happen, things do get disorganized, you need to have a tuneup every once in while, you need to go through and do it, but look, it didn't take us that long. Last time it took us 4 hours, this time it took us 20 minutes. And that's the key to good organization. It's just being able to get it back to where you need it and we've gotten her garage back to where she needs it. It's going to work. Thank you. Yeah, you're welcome. Happy organizing. Back to you guys. Ellen says to save room, stack recycling bins on top of each other or buy a hand cart, it will make it easier to wheel in and out of the garage. Thanks for watching For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the television program Better every weekday. Check your local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city.