Teen's Room Decluttered

Organizing expert Ellen Damaschino the solution to keeping your teen's room clear of clutter.

Company is coming. Did you check your child's bedroom door? If it's become a dumping ground for their stuff, sit tight, organizing expert Ellen Damaschino has some easy solutions to keep their rooms clear of clutter. We're here at homeowner Francine Staszak's house and this is her daughter, Ruby's, room. Ruby's getting older and she's outgrown some of the things that are in this room so it's getting a little tight. Today, we're gonna do a quick makeover. In less than 20 minutes, this room is gonna be grown up just like Ruby is. So, first of all, we're gonna start right on the closet. She does a lot of activities, a lot of different pairs of shoes, we're gonna work on getting that more organized. She tends to throw her bags on the floor so we're gonna get that more organized. And, like every little kid, she's piling things on top of her dresser, just like here. So, we're gonna take care of all these things so she can see what she actually has. She also has a lot of furniture in this room that she's not really using anymore. So, we're gonna take this table, re-purpose it to another part of the room, and over here we have a lot of little things on the shelf. We're gonna take care of that and containerized it, and finally, we're gonna get rid of this trunk which she's outgrown and we're gonna use another piece of furniture that's in the room here instead and we're gonna get rid of the chair as well. So, we're getting rid of a lot of the small pieces of furniture and what's gonna be left is a room that she can grow into. This is her knitting. Okay, the room's finished and we have some simple things that we've done to help make this room more organized. First of all, on the bottom here, we have these great rolling bins. Now, things don't get lost in the back of the closet. You wanna put heavy objects on the floor. The lighter objects like the shoes go up top, and these are clear so now you see what you have. She won't grow out of them before she actually wears them. Another great thing that we did ahead of time here is you can take all those medals that your kids win and instead of keeping them on these ribbons here, we've put some and mounted them in a simple shadowbox frame, so now you have the medals but you don't have the clutter of the ribbon and it really adds to the room. By giving her a tray, now she has a way to containerized what stays on top of the dressers. So, she can only put things on here that will stay within the tray and that will help her to keep things at bay so the whole thing doesn't get covered. And finally, don't forget the small, open-top bins, lightweight because kids love to collect clutter and this will help it keep more unified in the room. Well, Francine, your room is all done. Ruby's gonna love it. Great, thank you so much for having us, and thank you to Ikea for giving us all the materials we used today. I'm Ellen Damaschino, better organizing. Great tips, and every 6 months, take stock of your items in your kid's room and get rid of the stuff they're not using on a regular basis because, as you're child grows, their needs and interests will change. This has been Better.tv. For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the weekday television program Better, your source for style, trends, relationships, beauty, fitness, and other stories that will help make your day better. Check local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city. Thanks for watching.