Flex Furniture

Check out these fresh and innovative ways to furnish your home and stretch your dollar.

Not all furniture is one size fits all. In this economy, it's good to get more than what you paid for. Organizing expert Ellen Damaschino shows Brooke how to make the most out of your furniture. Hey everybody. Ellen and I are here at Ikea, and today, Ellen is gonna show us how you can take 1 piece of furniture, kinda like this bookshelf here which you would think is just for books, but give it multiple purposes. Ah-Ha moment. We're gonna talk about flexible furniture today and where you can take pieces and integrate them all over your house. So, here's a small piece of furniture, let's make it into something else. Say, you don't have a lot of space for storage in your house, you don't need to just have a bookshelf. Look what it is here. It's a wine rack. A wine rack. So, you can take a bookshelf and insert different kinds of shelving units and parts that you can make it to what you want. Okay. No space for a computer in your house. Voila, look at that. This bookshelf has been turned into a computer and charging station. Also, look what else we have here. File cabinets. Fabulous. So this could be put into your office. Absolutely, or hallway or any place that you don't have a lot of room, you can make a bookshelf-sized space and make it anything you want. If you're more of a traditionalist, you can just have a bookshelf like this, clear glass shelves for display if you don't have a lot of room and then you can use the drawers for storage and, again, look at the flexibility here. Wow. Here we are in the kitchen section at Ikea and this is a kitchen island which is typically what you would buy this for. Because you can put place mats and silverware, napkins and that, of course, one of my favorite things which is clear drawer. But, you know where else this can go? Where? Any room in your house. I would love this for a craft room. So, all your craft supplies, you could have a wrapping paper station. If you're a big seamstress, this is great, you've got work space. Kids room. Ellen found this in the office section at Ikea. Looks like a plain old table but it's anything but, right? It could be a bedside table. It could be a hall table, but what it really is, it's a laptop table, and this is one that we say is flexible furniture. You could have this anywhere in your home, and your laptop is here, and it's got a place for a cord and a place to stow all that ugly cord stuff in the back. And there's also a drawer here, isn't there? There's a drawer here so you can keep all of your accouterments that you need. Uh huh. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility because this table can go anywhere in your house. This bed can be anything and I'm gonna show you some great things about this bed. Okay. First of all, it is a day bed or a twin bed, but it's also got built-in storage underneath, so you got drawers to put bedding, but here's the cool thing. You wanna guess? Yes? It pulls out and it becomes a double bed so you take this bottom mattress and you slide it on to this and you now have a double bed. So, if you have limited space and you have a lot of people visiting, this would be a great piece of furniture. And this would also be perfect for a dorm room. Ellen, what advice would you give for people who are shopping for furniture? When you're looking for a piece of furniture, you wanna look for, does it have multiple uses? Does it have storage in it? And can I move it anywhere in the house to use it? So, those things are some things to think about. You're gonna save money, you're gonna save yourself time, and you're gonna save yourself a lot of space. And you're gonna be a lot more flexible. Thanks, Ellen. Thanks, Brooke. Back to you guys. And be sure to look at the furniture you already have in your home. You may be able to give an old piece of furniture a new meaning. For more organizing tips, log on to our website, Better.tv and click on the Organizing Channel. Thanks for watching Better.tv. For more stories like the one you just saw, catch the television program Better every weekday. Check your local TV listings to see if Better airs in your city.