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Organize Your Summer

Better's organizing expert has a plan to keep you sane this summer.

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Kids may have less activities during the summertime, but now their home all day. Ellen, you have some great ideas to make summer fun but still staying organized at the same time, because, like we said, you know, the activities, it may have gone away, but now there's different activities. Exactly. You have to plan your summer just like you do your school year and that's gonna make things run a lot more smoothly. So, the first thing I can remember is your calendar. You still have to keep that going. Yeah, how to keep it going and have a summer calendar. Don't just automatically go everything goes free-for-all because you're gonna find that you're gonna have a lot more problems getting on task and having kids to do their activities. So keep the calendar. Okay, let's talk about those activities. How do you find them? Where do you look? Oh, there's great places. First of all, almost every single paper has a get-out guide or something once a week. There are tons of free activities that are in the paper. Look in your daily paper. Sometimes, things come home through school so a lot of times you'll get camp information or you'll get class information. Look at your local library schedule. There's all kinds of ways to find things. Look online. You can find all the movies that are coming out for this summer and everybody in the family can pick one that they wanna go to. I love that idea. And then maybe on Sunday you can look through the paper and then prepare yourself for the week, what are the activities that I could do with my children. Yes, and let's plan. So this is one of my favorite ideas is to have an activity jar. I love that idea. And here I wrote down some activities, Brooke. You and I can look through them. Like, here's a you pick farm, camp in the backyard. I've got craft, bake cookies. Go to museum, do a puzzle. Movie, great. So any of these activities, you put it in an activity jar and you can pick out one a day or one a week, however you wanna schedule it, but the kids will know that something fun is coming up. And those are things that you can do outside of the home. What if you're inside the home, there's activities that you could do there. Yes, but we wanna keep again the schedule that's going on, so some of the activities, you want it to have routines at home, make sure that they're making their beds or getting up on time, that you can do simple things like teaching your kids how to cook. Maybe you have a theme that everybody's gonna learn how to play an instrument or do a craft or sew or knit. Uh huh. So there's something you can do within your house that the whole family can have a theme together. And don't forget to like have easy for mom, like a snack bag. Your kids aren't asking all the time, I'm hungry, I want a snack, I want something to eat. So I put together this little snack box. This is great, you can do one for the fridge, one for the pantry. They're allowed to get into that and you don't have to be feeding them 24/7. Right, and they're not getting into the pantry and making a mess of it and they know that these are good snacks and you know that you've put in here good snacks. I've approved that and they can have them and they don't have to ask me. Or teach them some sandwich-making skills as well and have a little sandwich station set up. Right. Now, this is all very organized, of course. You've got all these activities, chores, but they have to have some kind of downtime, right? Because it is summer. Absolutely. Do not overschedule your kids. Big mistake. Imagination comes from boredom, comes from picking the stick in the weeds and the leaves. You wanna make sure that you don't overschedule. Have downtime, but this will help know, your kids will know that there's fun things coming and so downtime won't be bored. And I have another one. If they say bored, give them a chore. Oh, that's a good one. So my kids know not to say bored. Yeah, and I know not to say it around you either. Thanks, Ellen.