Small-Space Closet Upgrades

Transform a small-space closet into a pretty storage place using semi-custom cabinetry, shelves, shoe bins, drawer organizers, and carpet tiles to maximize your space.

Hi, I'm Jenny Wright with Storage Magazine. If someone asks you, what's your favorite room in your house, would you say, well, it's my closet? Probably not. So grab your pens and paper because I've transformed this small closet into a great storage space. It's packed with great ideas from top to bottom, and it's even pretty. The opportunities for storage in this 7 X 9 foot closet are endless. Semi-custom kitchen cabinetry was used throughout to create functionality and a uniform look. A cabinet originally designed for a food pantry is re-purposed into shelves for folded clothing and linen. Pull-out trays lined with drawer organizers and shallow storage boxes are the perfect size for storing belts, scarves, and other accessories. A window lets a splash of natural light into the closet that brightens the room and makes finding your favorite shirt easy. The window seat is a comfy place to sit while getting ready. An upper cabinet was placed beneath the window, now, it's the perfect place to store handbags and extra blankets. We brought in carpet tiles to make the walk-in closet feel cozy and warm on the foot. Who wants to fumble around in the morning? Glass panel doors on select cabinetry makes finding necessities simple, and stacked closet rods mounted between cabinetry units maximize hanging space. Replacing a mismatch of hangers with a row of wooden ones is an easy and inexpensive upgrade. These functional and stylish hangers prevent clothes from wrinkling and creating even contour of shirt, blazers, and jackets. Use different colored hangers for a quick identification. A generous-sized plastic beach tote is the perfect place to store ready-for-dry-cleaning clothes. Once it's full, just cart it to the cleaners. Use expandable drawer organizers to keep socks and unruly hosiery organized. A lidless shoe box serves as a great compartment for keeping neckties flat and neat. Make the most of deep drawers by filling them with bulky sweaters or rolled bath towels. Maximize your space by mounting a metal shoe organizer on an underused wall. This shoe bin features shelves that are easy to fold up when they're not in use. We love these shoe bins. They're shorter and trimmer than the standard shoe boxes, so they'll stack compactly on the shelf, and because they're clear, you can find what you need without tripping on your own heels. Now, did you get all that? Hop to it. If you use these great storage ideas in your closet, it might just be your favorite room in your house. I'm Jenny Wright with Storage Magazine.