Get Organized with Labels

Get organized by labeling baskets, bins, and shelves with style. The secret? Check out crafts stores for inexpensive stickers, mini chalkboards, ribbons, and scrapbooking letters.

A place for everything and everything in its place. Does that sound good to you? I'm Jill Waage with Storage Magazine and if you're the biggest fan of Storage as I am, you know how important labeling is. A good label is simple to make and easy to understand and labeling helps you and your family stay organized. This storage-packed smart room is filled to the brim with super easy, super fast ways to label just about anything. Labels made from miniature chalkboards are a great when the contents of a container change frequently. Tags are a casual way to label baskets, bins, and another containers. Metal-banded tags generally last longer than unbanded ones. Some metal tags have paper inserts you can pop out when your storage needs change. Ribbon is a fun way to label round containers like these little buckets. Simply wrap the ribbon around the container and secure it with a dod of glue. Look for specialty touches like these metal letters at scrapbooking stores. The dye-cast letters thread onto the ribbon like beads and tell you what's inside. Precut letters are ideal for labeling specific shelves and slots. Explore the aisles of your craft store for precut letter options. Some letters come preglued, so you just peel and stick. Or you can attach letters individually with crafts glue or a glue stick. To send your letters perfectly, follow this scrapbooking tip. Lightly mark the center of the area to be labeled with a pencil and draw a light level line. Then affix letters individually, working from the center out. And don't forget this easy trick. Monograming is available on numerous products. Rather than displaying someone's initials, use that area to substitute a short phrase as a label. So there you have it. Some of my favorite labeling ideas to help get you organized.