Closet for Two

See how to outfit a bedroom closet with all the right features to store shoes and clothes for two. Better yet? You can buy all the easy-to-intall components at a home center.

I'm Jill Waage with Better Homes and Gardens. At first glance, all bedroom closets may appear to be created equal, but like many things in life, it's what's on the inside that really counts. We've outfitted 1 basic closet to meet the needs of 2 on-the-go individuals. Instead of 2 hanging bars to organize his wardrobe of shirts and pants, we started with 1 bar, and then rolled in a versatile trouser trolley for his slacks, khakis, and jeans. Neckties hang from the wire insert. Folded sweaters stay fresh by placing them in top of a specially-sized sueder palette. Again, this drawer is hooked on to vertical braces just like hanging bars or shelves. And with the addition of inexpensive canvas bins, these drawers are ideal for organizing folded garments like t-shirts, underwear, socks, and accessories. A low-angled shelf makes it easy to pick out the right pair of shoes, while acrylic boxes protects favorite footwear. Just press down on the tab to open. First side of the closet also features wall-mounted drawers for folded garments. Using solid-framed drawers means she could have a small vanity area. It's perfect for trying on jewelry and other finishing touches. In addition to more cubbies to put all of her footwear, her side also includes acrylic shoe boxes, but these are sized for her shoes, and even include a special slot for extra high heels. And rather than sacrificing limited space inside the closet to long-hanging garments, an over-the-door rack holds her favorite dresses and long coats. 2 people sharing 1 small space requires clever strategies to keep both parties happy. In this closet, vertical dividers keep garments organized by types and by person. To gather laundry for 2 people, place a hamper in an accessible spot. This door-mounted canvas bin is a great way to squeeze in a hamper when floor space is limited. Make the most of upper shelves in a shared closet by labeling the bottoms of the containers so they are easier to read, and by including a step stool so everyone can easily get purses, extra beddings, or off-season clothing. Sharing a closet requires some creativity, but with a little planning and some great storage add-ons, you can transform an ordinary closet into a smart storage space for 2. For Better Homes and Gardens, I'm Jill Waage.