Do-It-All Car Organizers

Ever missed your turn because you were digging for change? Avoid on-the-road snafus with these products that will keep your car clean and organized, leaving your full attention for the road.

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    Driver Organizer

    Keep your phone, sunglasses, and other necessaries safely stowed and at your fingertips.

    DriverPockets Driver Organizer, $5.99,

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    Coin Holder

    Free up your cup holders for drinks again and organize your change by value, making it easy to deal out the correct change at toll booths and parking meters.

    Coin Boy Coin Dispenser, $4.95,

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    iPod Control

    Plug in your iPod (no matter the size) to this wireless charger/player/holder for hassle-free music.

    Universal iPod Navigator, $34.85,

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    Make-Your-Own Bag

    This capsule dishes out continuous plastic tubing -- you just pull out the length you need, tie the end in a knot, and use the "bag" for travel, pets, or diapers.

    Portable Bag Capsule, $6.99,

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    Convenient Trash

    Throw all your garbage in one tiny, sturdy container, complete with cover so the smell of fast food doesn't permeate your interior.

    Dry cereal plastic canister and small garbage bag, price varies, available at discount stores

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    Emergency Must-Have

    Just in case you ever need it, this handy tool gives you the power to smash car windows, pop airbags, and cut seatbelts.

    Emergency 6-in-1 Auto Tool, $14.98,

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    Binder Clipped Route

    Stop rooting around your glove compartment for foldout maps -- fasten a large binder clip around them to keep them in order.

    Available at office supply stores

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    Anti-Mess Kit

    Stock a toiletry case with wipes, a detergent pen, a stain remover stick, and other small travel items to make your road trip worry-free.

    Lighthouse U-Zip Toiletry Kit, $34,

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