Thanksgiving Appetizers & Side Dishes

From quick holiday appetizers to delicious side dishes, find the perfect recipes to complete your Thanksgiving feast. You have the turkey, now it's time to decide what you're serving on the side. Spice up your Thanksgiving meal with our top Thanksgiving side dishes or stick with the classics and our traditional Thanksgiving sides. Check out our flavorful turkey stuffing recipes, including cranberry-pecan stuffing and lemon-nut rice stuffing. Our delicious sweet potato side dishes and other potato recipes are sure to make mouths water, and a hearty green bean casserole is always a hit with friends and family. Serve a starter salad from our list of easy, elegant holiday salads, or whip up one of our quick holiday appetizers. Of course it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce. We've compiled a list of our favorite cranberry dishes, as well as Thanksgiving cranberry recipes that put a fresh spin on the sassy side dish. Whether your Thanksgiving dinner is traditional or creative, the possibilities are endless for an amazing and unforgettable Thanksgiving meal.


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Thanksgiving Side Dish Favorites
Top Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Add flair to your classic Thanksgiving sides with our Test Kitchen-approved recipes.

Roasted Vegetables Recipes

Add one of these roasted veggie side dishes to your Thanksgiving dinner menu.

Make-Ahead Stuffings

Get a head start on your Thanksgiving menu with stuffing recipes that can be made ahead.

Thanksgiving Recipe Favorites
Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Sides & Sweets

Great news! You can make everything from green bean casserole to stuffing in your slow cooker.

15-Minute (or Less) Thanksgiving Recipes

Making your holiday side dishes last minute? Try our recipes that will be ready in 15 minutes or less.

Sweet Potato Recipes

No Thanksgiving menu is complete without sweet potatoes. Whether you like them classic or with a twist you'll find a sweet potato recipe you'll love.

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Classic Thanksgiving Sides
Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Recipes
Cranberry Sauces & Recipes
  • Cranberry Sauce with a Twist

    Make a memorable cranberry sauce. These recipes feature zesty add-ins like pears, jalapeno jelly, pecans, and more!

  • Healthy Cranberry Recipes

    Cranberries are a Thanksgiving must. Feel good about serving these fresh and healthful antioxidant-packed sides.



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