Turkey Recipes

Gobble up our favorite turkey recipes and roast the perfect Thanksgiving turkey this year. From start to finish, we'll help you cook and serve everybody's favorite Thanksgiving main dish. First get tips for buying, handling, and thawing a turkey, then follow our foolproof instructions for stuffing and roasting a turkey. Try one of our top Thanksgiving turkey rubs, with flavors ranging from smoky-sweet to hot and spicy. Choose a complementary gravy recipe to bring out the flavors of the turkey. Looking for new ways to cook a turkey? Glazed, infused, crusted, grilled -- choose from our 12 mouthwatering ideas. Also check out our interactive roasting guide to cook the perfect turkey. Get turkey advice by consulting our compilation of thoughtful tips and clever ideas to guide you through the entire Thanksgiving Day process. Once the turkey is cooked, get step-by-step instructions for carving a turkey to ensure your turkey looks as good as it tastes. After Thanksgiving is over, we've got fresh ideas for ways to use leftover turkey.


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Thanksgiving Turkey Guide + Leftover Ideas
How to Stuff and Roast a Turkey

Follow our failproof instructions for winning results.

Fresh Ideas for Leftover Turkey

Turn Thanksgiving turkey leftovers into a second supper.

Turkey Cooking Methods

Cook a fantastic Thanksgiving turkey. Brined, Rubbed, Fried, and more. Try them all to find your favorite.

Thanksgiving Turkey Help!
Common Questions Answered

How do you know when your turkey is done? We've got the answer!

Thanksgiving Turkey Success

Check out all our tips and Thanksgiving turkey recipes.

Thanksgiving Turkey Rub Recipes

Infuse your Thanksgiving turkey with amazing flavors with a unique turkey rub.

Turkey Stuffing Recipes

The Thanksgiving menu isn't complete without one of our holiday-worthy stuffing recipes.

How to Make Turkey Gravy

Make a simple but delicious gravy recipe for your Thanksgiving turkey with our step-by-step methods.

Traditional Side Dishes

Serve up your Thanksgiving turkey with a classic side dish the whole family will devour.

Everything in Turkey Recipes
Videos: How to Roast a Turkey


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