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Delicious Holiday Soups

Warm the heart with a steamy holiday soup or stew. Ideal as starters or side dishes, these delicious soups will add a special twist to your holiday meal.


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    • Sweet Onion Soup with Porcini Mushrooms

      Rich, woodsy porcini mushrooms and sweet ribbons of caramelized onions star in this company-worthy soup, but we think the broth (flavored with fresh herbs, wine, and salty pancetta) deserves an award for best supporting role. Top with wedges of toasty bread for an unforgettable holiday starter.

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    • Chicken and Duck Hunter Stew

      Turn heads at the dinner table this holiday season with this showstopping soup. Brimming with olives, mushrooms, and onions and served alongside tender couscous, every bowl is packed with savory goodness -- but it's the tender duck and whole chicken drumsticks that attract all the attention!

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    • White Bean and Roasted Garlic Soup with Escarole

      Looking for a silky starter to your holiday dinner? You found it. Cannellini beans are pureed with sauteed leeks and fennel and a couple heads of roasted garlic to create this almost-buttery soup. Lightly dressed escarole balances the richness and adds a burst of bright flavor -- and color!

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    • Beef and Barley Stew with Roasted Winter Vegetables

      Hungry for homemade comfort? Try our hearty beef stew full of delicious roasted veggies -- perfect for a cold winter night.

    • Pea Soup

      A little onion, a little bacon, and a touch of mint marry in this luscious holiday soup featuring the once-humble pea.

    • Butternut Squash Posole

      Chock-full of flavorful winter veggies, like tender kale and sweet butternut squash, this lightly spicy soup is ideal for a crowd -- it serves eight easily!

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    • Cream of Roasted Fennel Soup with Homemade Croutons

      Fennel's subtle sweetness creates the perfect base in this delicious soup recipe. For the busy holiday season, make the soup ahead so it's ready when it's time to serve. Our homemade croutons add a tasty crunch to each smooth and creamy spoonful.

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    • Chicken Pot Pie Soup

      Give a classic recipe a creative twist with this comforting dish. Our hearty soup is stuffed with crunchy veggies and tasty chicken. Homemade biscuits (recipe included!) make the perfect topper.

    • Roasted Garlic and Red Sweet Pepper Soup

      This garlicky soup is a holiday-ready addition to your dinner menu. Garnish with shredded basil for a gorgeous, fresh finish.

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      Creamy Brie Soup

      If you love baked Brie as a holiday appetizer, then trust us -- this creamy cheese works magic in a soup. (And if you've already purchased Chardonnay for the meal, this wine-enhanced soup is a good excuse to open the bottle!) For an extra-festive touch, top each bowl with a crusty toast round, thin slice of Brie, and dollop of jam.


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      Beef and Borscht Stew

      Impress your holiday guests with this delicious Russian dish featuring beef, beets, and other vegetables. The flavors come together in the slow cooker, so you set it and forget it.

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      Butternut Squash Bisque

      Chipotle peppers add just the right amount of heat to this slightly sweet root-vegetable soup. Crumbled bacon and shaved Gouda cheese make delicious toppings for a dish that looks festive, too.

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      Christmas Chili

      Ancho chiles, jalapeno pepper, and chili powder add kick to this hearty meat chili, which can be made in the slow cooker if you prefer.

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      Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

      This creamy soup mixes delicious butternut squash and carrots for an elegant, mild dinner starter. Add an extra dash of sophistication by using leeks in place of onions.

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      Sausage and Tortellini Soup

      Smoked sausage stars in this easy slow cooker soup. Hearty veggies and cheesy tortellini make it a perfect side for large holiday celebrations. Best of all, it's low in calories.

    • Sausage and White Bean Soup with Kale with Chef Scott Peacock
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      Sausage and Bean Soup

      Let an award-winning chef show you how to infuse the most flavor into this easy, crazy-delicious stew -- which also, no coincidence, makes a perfect starter for your holiday feast!


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      Ham and Sweet Potato Soup

      Need the entire stove top to prep your holiday meal? A little counter space is all this delectable slow cooker soup requires. Sweet potatoes, beans, ham, and onions simmer quietly while you're tending to sides, entrees, and guests. When you're ready to serve, just add a healthy splash of half-and-half and mash gently!


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      Welcome the holidays with a taste of the Mediterranean. This impressive seafood soup originated in southern France and combines four types of seafood with plenty of vegetables in a tasty broth.

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      Clam Chowder with Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese

      This creamy classic, topped with crispy bacon and authentic Italian cheese, serves up to 10 people and can be made in under an hour.

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      Butternut Squash Soup with Ravioli

      This pretty soup takes just 30 minutes to make and requires only six ingredients, giving you more time to spend with your holiday guests.

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      Lentil-Ham Soup

      Looking for ways to use up leftover ham? It pairs deliciously with lentils in our easy, 200-calorie soup. Make it ahead in your slow cooker for a holiday dish that couldn't be simpler.

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      Ginger-Carrot Soup

      Caramelized onions and fresh ginger bring delicious flavor to this carrot and sweet potato soup. A food processor helps to blend the veggies together and achieve a perfect, creamy texture.

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      Danish Green Kale Soup

      This make-ahead stew is an almost-instant winter dinner. It simmers all day in the slow cooker and requires very little of your attention.

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      Christmas Potato Soup

      Your guests will love this rich potato-bacon soup. Toasted bread in the shape of a star with onion-grape marmalade and snipped chives makes a festive topper.

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      Split Pea Soup

      Think green with this flavorful take on classic split pea soup. Smoked pork hocks transform it into a hearty holiday favorite.

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      Apple-Cheddar Soup

      Turn a proven crowd-pleaser -- apples and cheese -- into a delicious dish. Chunks of potato add heartiness and texture to this creamy soup. Garnish with slices of Granny Smith apples for tart flavor or Pacific Queen apples for a sweeter alternative.

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