Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes

You've got the turkey. Now it's time for all the trimmings. Whip together these no-fuss twists on classic Thanksgiving side dishes, including veggies, potatoes, salads, stuffings, and cranberries, too!

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    Fall Pesto Potatoes

    Harvest Pesto, made from garlic, almonds, and your choice of mixed greens, adds savory flavor to creamy mashed potatoes.

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    Broccolini with Peas & Seared Lemons

    For a tasty way to eat your vegetables, look no further than citrus-infused salad with Swiss chard, broccolini, and peas. It's a fresh side dish that will brighten any holiday spread.

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    Pear-Cranberry Chutney

    The natural sweetness of pears in our chutney is balanced by lemon, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg for a truly special take on cranberry sauce.

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    Corn Bread Stuffing with Sausage

    Use purchased corn bread mix to make the muffins that take this sausage, fennel, and spinach stuffing over the top.

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    Harvest Slaw

    Looking for a new go-to holiday salad? Look no further. Red cabbage, sliced apples, crunchy pecans, and zippy cilantro are tossed with a warm caraway dressing in this bright and bold-flavor salad.

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    Goat Cheese Mashed Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes get a tasty makeover with the help of crunchy pistachios, creamy goat cheese, and a touch of fresh sage.

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    Parmesan-Roasted Cauliflower

    This easy recipe will turn everyone at your table into cauliflower-lovers. Garlic, Parmesan cheese, and panko crumbs turn roasted cauliflower into one tasty side dish.

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    How to Roast Veggies

    Watch how simple it is to roast cauliflower or other vegetables to add to your Thanksgiving table.

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    Cranberry-Lime Relish

    This quick and easy make-ahead cranberry relish features a healthy dose of lime and just a splash of bourbon or orange liqueur.

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    Bourbon-Pecan Stuffing

    A dash of bourbon adds smoky-sweet flavor, while pecans bring crunchy texture to this traditional stuffing bake.

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    Broccoli & Grape Salad

    We've made this popular potluck salad even more delicious by roasting the grapes and broccoli and adding toasted almonds and crispy bacon for crunch.

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    How to Cook Broccoli

    Don't waste the stems! Our quick-cook method takes just a few minutes and ensures that you get the most from your fresh broccoli.

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    Blue Cheese-Garlic Potatoes

    Sharp and salty blue cheese pairs with garlic and a kick of red pepper flakes for a downright delicious twist on classic mashed potatoes.

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    How to Mash Potatoes

    Watch our technique for mashing potatoes.

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    Seared Brussels Sprouts

    Can't get your family to eat Brussels sprouts? This recipe just might change their minds. A white wine glaze and crispy shallot topping make for a delectable vegetable side dish.

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    Spicy Cranberry Sauce

    Our spicy cranberry sauce gets its heat from canned pepper jelly. It's delicious as a traditional turkey side, but we like to serve it over toasted cream cheese-topped baguettes with a sprinkling of diced jalapeno for a kicked-up holiday appetizer.

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    Dried Tomato Rice Stuffing

    For a great holiday side that's easy to put together, try our elegant twist on basic rice stuffing that uses parsley, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes.

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    Orange-Farro Salad

    Farro -- an ancient grain with a dense, chewy texture and rich, nutty flavor -- stars in this tasty salad, along with tangy citrus and olive, balanced by peppery arugula. Farro can be found in the health food section of your local grocery store.

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    Candied Orange Sweet Potatoes

    In-season oranges lend refreshing citrus flavor to this versatile sweet potato bake, while vanilla and nutmeg add a warm, sweet spice to the dish.

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    Creamed Kale

    Turn kale, a nutritious leafy green, into a scrumptious side dish with the help of a creamy sauce, Parmesan cheese, and a hint of crushed red pepper.

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    Double-Cranberry Sauce

    Classic cranberry sauce gets a little twist thanks to molasses and pomegranate juice, as well as dried cranberries, too.

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    Bacon-Date Stuffing

    Pitted whole dates and crispy bacon bring new flavors to this sweet and savory stuffing. If you don't have Hawaiian sweetbread, substitute another rich egg bread, such as challah or brioche.

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    Pomegranate Green Salad

    Juicy pomegrante seeds and honey-roasted peanuts add a one-two punch of sweet flavor and crunchy texture to this fresh holiday salad. Tossed with a homemade Dijon-style mustard and pomegranate dressing, this salad is sure to be a hit.

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    Oregano Butter & Bacon Potatoes

    Fried oregano and mouthwatering crumbled bacon add an irresistible crispiness to mashed red potatoes.

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    Harvest Succotash

    This quick and easy side dish comes together in a snap and uses frozen vegetables you probably have on hand. Crispy bacon makes a tasty topper for this bean- and corn-packed succotash.

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    Pineapple Cranberry Relish with Toasted Coconut

    This tropical take on cranberry relish combines pineapple, jalapeno, and ginger. A food processor makes prep a breeze, and in no time you'll have a creative plate mate for your turkey.

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    Squash & Apple Stuffing

    Nutty squash and sweet apples come together with leeks and sage in our not-so-traditional stuffing recipe. To dry bread cubes, let stand overnight or cook at 300 degrees F for 10 to 15 minutes.

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    Honey-Balsamic Beet Salad

    Sweet and tangy flavors of honey and balsamic vinegar form a delicious glaze for roasted beets. To save time, cook the quinoa while beets are roasting.

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