"Home for the Holidays" Brunch

Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, your home may double as a bed-and-breakfast. Use this brunch menu, the timeline, and these suggestions to make your guests feel at home. It may result in a stress-free and positively memorable holiday season.
The Menu
Crowd-Pleaser Cinnamon Rolls
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Crowd-Pleaser Cinnamon Rolls

Though some people pale at the thought of waking up the night after a dinner party and having to make yet another meal, hosting friends and relatives in my home is my favorite way to entertain. I like to sip coffee in the morning with dear ones, catch up on news (and yes, exchange gossip saved for no one else), all while casually throwing together a feast of a meal that will get us through the day.

We'll hang out in the kitchen, put on another pot of coffee for the sleepyheads who've just arrived, and before you know it, the homemade cinnamon rolls will be ready to pop into the oven. It seems we've waited all year to not be rushing through those precious moments -- to have time to talk and time to let the dough rise.

Cherished memories are made around the kitchen table. Everyone remembers hospitality like this.

Brunch Menu for the Holidays
Poinsettia Mimosas

Add sparkle to your brunch. Orange juice and champagne start the day in style. If you prefer, there is also a nonalcoholic version.

Turkey-Asparagus Brunch Bake

If you have turkey left over from your holiday dinner, chop it up and add it in place of the uncooked ground turkey. Depending on which vegetable you prefer, you can use frozen asparagus or broccoli for this colorful morning meal. Mix and match the herb and vegetable to create a different flavor combination each time you serve this cheese-laced egg casserole.

People-Pleasing Cinnamon Rolls

Imagine the wonderful aroma of freshly baked rolls. It's a simple feat -- let the dough rise overnight in the refrigerator. The next morning, give the rolls a little warm-up time at room temperature, then bake them until golden.

Minted Fruit Compote

Winter's best-loved fruits team up with fresh mint, kiwifruit, and pomegranate seeds. The season for pomegranates is short, but they keep in the refrigerator for up to two months. Buy one when you shop for your Thanksgiving turkey and save it for Christmas morning.

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