Holiday Dinner Q&A

Whether you're celebrating an official holiday or your own special occasion, our food preparation guide has all the answers you need to get started.

Your Cooking Questions Answered

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Click on the links below to find the answers to some of the most common questions in dinner preparation.

Mastering Main-Dish Meat and Seafood

Q. How do I thaw a frozen turkey?


Q. How do I use a meat thermometer?


Q. How do I make turkey gravy?


Q. How do I carve a turkey?


Q. How do I make toasted bread cubes for stuffing?


Q. Why let a cooked roast or bird stand before cutting it?


Q. How do I score a ham -- and why is it done?


Sides and Spices Simplified

Q. How do I work with dried herbs?


Q. How do I work with fresh herbs?


Q. Can I substitute dried herbs for fresh herbs in an emergency?


Q. What kinds of potatoes should I use to make mashed potatoes?


Q. How can I make plain dinner rolls a little more fancy for a holiday meal?


Baking Basics

Q. How do I measure ingredients for baking?


Q. What does it mean when a recipe calls for softened butter?


Q. How do I grease and flour a pan?


Q. Why should I line a baking pan with foil -- and how do I do it?


Q. How do I peel and cut apples for pie?


Q. How do I make and roll piecrust?


Q. How do I toast nuts?


Q. How do I chop nuts?


Q. How do I make sweetened whipped cream?


How do I roll and cut out sugar cookies?


Q. What's a simple way to decorate baked cookies?